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Dated: July 10 2020

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Are you going to be visiting, or maybe making a move to the Niceville area and want to learn which area’s are best for you? Today we are going to talk about the 5 main area’s in Niceville and briefly describe each one, lets get into it.

Honestly, we get so many phone calls, emails, and texts every single day of people moving to Niceville and we absolutely love it! If you are thinking about moving or relocating, make sure you reach out to us, give us a call, send a text, shoot us an email, or send that carrier pigeon our way. However, you would like to get a hold of us, we have your back when moving to Niceville!

We decided to do a deeper dive into the 5 main sub areas of Niceville to help you better understand which area may be best for you. We are going to jump right into these sub area’s but be sure to stick around until the end when we discuss Deer Moss Creek, the up and coming neighborhood that you do NOT want to miss!

First and foremost, why do people typically move to Niceville Florida? Well, a large chunk of the people who live here in Niceville are from one of the surrounding bases, either Active Duty Military who received orders to move, Retirees looking for the great lifestyle, or Contractors who moved to the area. Now of course that is not every person who moves here, but it is a healthy chunk. Let us take a look at a few things from Niche.com, one of my favorite sites to check out the ins and outs of any town.

With their ratings, it is easy to see why Niceville is a “nice” place to live. Check out these Gradings:

  A in public schools, which is the most common reason our Client’s tell us they chose this city, good for families, great diversity, and low crime. I thought this was a bit interesting so check it out.

·        Niceville was ranked 65 of 1132 for Best Place to Buy a House in Florida, that is pretty good, so don’t forget to call us when you inevitably fall in love with Niceville!

·        It ranked 69 out of 652 for best Public Schools in Florida

·        And lastly it ranked 89 of 1136 for Best Place to Raise a Family in Florida

Now none of those are Number 1 – but hey, they are still strong rankings!

Lets show a map of the area just to see where it is located.

Starting off on the West Side of Niceville is Valparaiso, technically its own city but it’s not quite big enough to warrant its own video right now, so we will mix it in with Niceville.

Next, we have Niceville North.

- Niceville Proper.

Next up we have Rocky Bayou

Then further south east we will have Blue Water Bay, both extremely popular places to live.

Our bonus area today is really an up and coming neighborhood but over the next few years will eventually become its own powerhouse area in the city, and that is Deer Moss Creek. This area as well as many of the other area’s we will discuss will warrant their own video’s but for now, let us just take a look at the overview of Niceville.


·        Sub Area 1 – Valparaiso

o   Valparaiso is located at the west side of Niceville; it is technically a neighboring city but it does fall under our Niceville city category.

o   Valparaiso or Val – p as it is called by most locals, has one large benefit for those working on Eglin AFB, the city runs right into the East Gate of Eglin and makes for a very quick commute.

o   In the last year, prices in this area have started around the low $100’s all the way up to homes in the high $700’s with the bulk of the properties coming in around the $250k to $300k range.

o   Homes will range in age from 1938 all the way to brand new builds with a chunk of the homes being built in the 90’s.

o   Location wise:

§  Val-p is about a 4-minute drive to the East gate of Eglin AFB

§  18 minutes to the East Gate of Hurlburt Field

§  11 minutes to Publix and Walmart

§  37 minutes to Destin

§  And just 7 short minutes to the closest Destin/Fort Walton Airport

·        Sub Area 2 – Niceville North

o   Now looking at the North side of Niceville where the Eglin Golf Course is as well as Northwest Florida State College.

o   When it comes to homes in this area over the last year there were a few condo’s selling under $100k and pricing goes up from there to about the mid $500’s

o   Location wise:

§  North Niceville is about a 9-minute drive to the East gate of Eglin AFB

§  21 minutes to the East Gate of Hurlburt Field

§  7 minutes to Publix and Walmart

§  About 32 to 34 minutes to Destin depending on if you take the Toll side or not

§  And just 11 short minutes to the closest Destin/Fort Walton Airport

·        Sub Area 3 – Niceville Proper

o   This area is where a large bulk of the homes are at, in the last year alone there were over 230 home sales in this area. Surprisingly enough, it is not the area with the MOST home sales in the last year.

o   Home prices in this area range from about $100k all the way up to $1.3m for that beautiful home on the water, the bulk of the homes will be around the $260k to 310k range

o   Location wise:

§  As far as location - the proximity to everything is just about the same as Niceville North, if not a minute or two difference, so in the interest of saving some time feel free to scroll up a bit to check all that out.

·        Sub Area 4 – BlueWater Bay

o   Bluewater Bay is probably the area we get asked the most questions about when it comes to Niceville by far.

o   Bluewater Bay boasts its own golf courses, its own resort and even its own Marina with 120 slips, just to name a few of the things they take great pride in.

o   Bluewater Bay is also the area where the most property is sold, last year there were over 340 homes sold in this area alone.

o   Condo’s in this area can start as low as the low 100’s with homes scaling up to prices just north of 1 million dollars. With the great variety, underground utilities infrastructure and great location, it is no wonder why so many want to live here in BlueWater Bay. Speaking of location, let us talk about some key area’s nearby.

o   Location wise:

§  Bluewater Bay is about a 16-minute drive to the East gate of Eglin AFB

§  28 minutes to the East Gate of Hurlburt Field

§  7 to 8 minutes to grocery shopping at Publix and Walmart

§  About 23 minutes to Destin using the toll bridge, be sure to get your SunPass if you are going to be going in and out of Destin a lot – it will save you a ton of money!

§  And just 18 minutes to the closest Destin/Fort Walton Airport

·        Sub Area 5 – Rocky Bayou

o   Located just north of Bluewater Bay you will find Rocky Bayou.

o   Rocky Bayou has several things to be proud of outside of its great neighborhoods. Some of those include, its own State Park and Aquatic Reserve, a private Country Club and one of the most insane up and coming neighborhoods in our area – we will talk about that in just a moment!

o   Prices in Rocky Bayou start around the $300s and creep all the way up to around 1.9million in the last year, anyway. The bulk of the prices will range in the $400k to $600k price point.

o   The location isn’t going to much more than a minute or two difference than Bluewater Bay is, so in the interest of saving time, feel free to scroll up a bit and check out the drive times if you would like.

·        Bonus Area – Deer Moss Creek

o   First off, I will be doing a video JUST about Deer Moss Creek, probably multiple as it is being built out in Phases but for now, I just want to give you a little sneak peek.

o   Deer Moss Creek is technically located in Rocky Bayou and is not its own “area” per say right now. BUT give it a few years and this little area will be a lot larger and warrants its own area to talk about.

o   As of the time of this shooting, Deer Moss Creek is in phase 1 of 3 phases of being built. Phase 1 includes:

§  98 Single Family lots, ranging from .11 to .38 of an acre, so if you are looking for a huge lot, you aren’t going to be able to find them out here, not in phase one anyway.

§  There will be a trail system following the creek that the homes will all have access too, and phase 1 also has a bike path throughout the neighborhood.

§  Right now, there are only 12 approved builders in this neighborhood, and they are held to strong standards as far as the types of builds and the overall aesthetics.

§  Future plans for phase 2 and 3 include, shopping centers, pools, community centers and parks.

§  If you want to see a blog and video on this neighborhood sooner rather than later, let us know by messaging us “SHOW ME DEER MOSS CREEK” and I will make it a priority.

 Well thanks for tuning into this week’s blog and video discussing about where to live in Niceville Florida, I hope it was helpful!

Don’t forget that if you are wanting to move to Ft Walton Beach or the surrounding areas, simply give us a call, shoot us a text, send an email or send that carrier pigeon – however you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. We have your back for moving to the Emerald Coast!

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