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Trip to Downtown in Fort Walton Beach Florida | Walking Tour!

So you are curious about what Downtown Fort Walton Beach is all about. Let us talk about it!What is going on it is Andrew with the Emerald Group right here in Fort Walton Beach Florida. If you are

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Best Neighborhood on 30A in Florida | Check out Grayton Beach!

Are you ready to tour the best neighborhood on 30A? Awesome, because that is what we are about to do! Welcome back to Life On the Emerald Coast, I am AJ Beddouk with the Luxury Division of the

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Best Deals on Waterfront Condos in the Florida Panhandle | Check them out!

What is going on, it is Andrew with the Emerald Group right here in the Florida Panhandle. In today’s blog, we will be going to talk all about how to get on the water in a condo as

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Crestview Florida Driving Tour | Fast Growing City!

Hey everybody! It is Andi G with The Emerald Group right here in beautiful Crestview, Florida. If you are new to this websiteand you want more info on Crestview and other Emerald Coast cities, go

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