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Dated: November 20 2020

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What is going on, this is Andrew with the Emerald Group right here in the Fort Walton Beach area. If this is your first time to this blog and you want to know everything about the Emerald Coast, well we do lots of blogs and videos about everything you need to know! So, make sure you stick around every week to learn more!

Honestly, we get so many phone calls, emails, and texts every single day of people moving to the Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas. We absolutely love it! If you are thinking about moving or relocating, make sure you reach out to us, give us a call, send a text, shoot us an email, or send that carrier pigeon our way. However, you would like to get a hold of us, we have your back when moving to the Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas!

So, what is it like here in the Milton area? What are some fun things to do here? Is it even close to the beach? Let us get into it!

Let us start with the Blackwater River State Park. There is so much to do here! Especially if you love being in the outdoors. You have all the following activities to look forward here! I will even provide the link at the bottom of the blog post.

·         Bicycling

·         Fishing

·         Paddling

·         Tubing

·         Birding

·         Geo-Seeking

·         Picnicking

·         Camping

·         Hiking

·         Swimming

·         Wildlife Viewing

·         Nature Trails

This park does have the following as well with these amenities:

·         Handicap Accessible

·         Pavilions

·         Shower Station

·         Parking

·         Restrooms

·         Campgrounds

This park is beautiful and so much fun for the family. You can even bring your pets along! You are going to want to plan a day trip or even a weekend trip here.

Next up we have Cold Water Gardens. Are you looking for a beautiful camping site? How about more of a glamping site? Better yet, how would you like to stay overnight in a treehouse?! You can find those and so much more here at Cold Water Gardens. Beautiful cottages, tiny homes, and even a stargazer platform to stay in.

Here at the Cold Water Garden, they even host events. Anything from weddings, corporate retreats, birthday parties, or any other special occasion. Check out their website that I have listed at the bottom. I cannot wait to get out there. I plan on booking something very soon!

Do you and possibly your family love museums? The next thing to do is the West Florida Railroad Museum. I know there are kids who would absolutely love this place! I am going to provide the link below so you can see all the history that is here.

Now let us talk sports for a minute! We have some great teams here! Baseball and Ice Hockey. The next few things we are going to talk about are in Pensacola. Pensacola is about a 40-minute drive or more depending on where you are headed.

Let us talk baseball first. Here in Pensacola we have the major league team, Blue Wahoos. It is a fun game for all! They put on concerts, fireworks, and special events. Oh! They even hose movie nights! All around fun for you and friends or even you and the whole family.

Let us get into the next which is, Ice Hockey! WOW! I have never been to a game before I moved here. Those hockey pucks are FAST! I cannot express how much fun I had at one of their games. I must say, it was better in person than watching it on TV. The energy was incredible!

If you are into sports or just something fun to do, check out these games. Be sure to look out for special events at the stadiums as well.

Let us jump back into some history. Downtown Pensacola is known for its history. The one we are going to discuss this week is, the Arcadia Mill. Arcadia Mill is a 42-acre property that will take you through 200 years of history! Head on over and explore the Arcadia Mill. Kids will get to enjoy a take-home craft with their visit. Wanting to check out their venues for a wedding or a gathering? Be sure to check out their website below to know more about this historic place!

Alright! Finally, who has a need for speed??? Check out 5 Flags Speedway! Great track for fans and competitors. Their big Snowball Derby is this weekend! Be sure to check them out if you enjoy fast cars!

We have talked about some fun things to do, but are you wondering where exactly is the closes beach to Milton? Your closes beach is going to be Navarre Beach being only about 35 minutes away. Fort Walton Beach is going to be about 54 minutes away. Pensacola Beach is going to be about 45 minutes away. Each area has a different personality. Same gorgeous emerald water and white sand though. Be sure to check out our other blogs and videos over Navarre Beach and Fort Walton Beach. Let us know which beach location is your favorite!

Don’t forget that if you are wanting to move into the Milton area or surrounding areas to give us a call, shoot a text, send an email, or even a little comment down below – however you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. That is all I have for this week. See ya!

Be sure to check out the links provided below for all the amazing things to do here in Milton, Florida!








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