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Dated: August 24 2021

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So you are thinking about either coming to visit Fort Walton Beach or maybe even purchasing one of our beautiful condos out there, but you want to know all the ins and outs that you can not find online. That is exactly what these videos are meant for. Stay tuned as we talked about Seacrest Condominiums.

What is going on, it is Andrew from the Emerald Group right here at EXP Realty. Listen, a lot of people always reach out to us, looking to either move to this area or purchase a home in this area and we absolutely love it every single time. So if you are thinking about making a move, make sure you give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email, up a paper airplane with a note on it. However, you want to get a hold of us and we have got your back when it comes to moving to the Fort Walton Beach area.

All right, there is no reason to drag this video on any further. Let us get into the nuts and bolts of Seacrest

This is located on Okaloosa Island, just before the beach access seven right on the other side of what we call the Tom Thumb. That is what a lot of us locals use, a middle ground for Okaloosa Island. Now, Seacrest was built in 2000. So for some of you that might be coming down here. If they have not upgraded the units, you might start seeing a little bit of Data – that is not a big issue because they still run out very well, and you will still have an awesome time here at Seacrest

Let us take a look at some of the features first and foremost, like almost every condo on the island. It is going to have a barbecue and picnic area or multiple. They have on-site management so that if you were to purchase one of these, your guests do not have to go anywhere. If they do not want, they can pick up the key right there from the front desk, which is pretty good. Amenity, there is covered parking for owners, which is a very, very good of many. Not all condos out here have that. There is an exercise room, a game room, and elevators, all located right there by the front desk. There is also a laundry facility in case during your stay. You need to get some laundry done. 

All right. Now for the nuts and bolts, Seacrest is located kind of at an angle to the beach. It is like they had a small sliver of land to purchase and put a Condo on. So not all of these are going to be forward-facing gulf-front Condominiums. Just keep that in mind, especially if you are going to be renting them and that is what you are looking for. Sometimes the pictures online can be misleading. There should only be about three or four units that have the full Gulf view in the entire building. Well, three or four Stacks, I should say and even there they will be at a slight angle. So Seacrest is limited to seven floors, as is everything on the island and it consists of 90 different units in this building. There are 78, two-bedroom units and just 12 three-bedroom units, the two-bed two-bath Condominiums are either 894 square feet or one thousand and seventy square feet respectively. The three-bed, three-bath condos are 1300-1470 square feet depending on which stack you were in.  We call a stack, which is an entire unit, all the way up because the floor plans are going to be the same from the 1st to the 7th floor. 

As I mentioned a little bit before there is covered and uncovered parking, most of the covered parking is going to be for owners and their guests. While the outside is for really any of their friends or family, that might be visiting. Now the locals and tourists Whistle like should not be parking in there whenever they want to go to the beach, but keep in mind, it does happen and lastly, Seacrest boasts. One thing that is kind of rare on the island. It actually has an indoor and outdoor pool and it is all in one really. It is the only condo on the entire Island that has that. So makes it a little bit unique and sometimes they have these little glass things that will come up, so you can go in or out. Sometimes, we can have enclosed whenever it starts getting warm. They typically leave them close, because most people want to be out in the sun and enjoying splashing around in the water. 

That is it for Seacrest Condos. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you learned something. I hope it was beneficial. Anyway, if you guys have any other questions or like I said, you are thinking about buying one of these as an investment condo, which you definitely can, give us a call, send us a text, shoot us an email, throw us a paper airplane, smoke signal, whatever you want to get a hold of us and we will help, however, you would can. So that is all we have got right now. I am stuck inside doing this video, but I got to go because there is a beach with my name on it. 

See ya!

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