Restaurants With a Gulf View | The Gulf on Okaloosa Island

Dated: September 4 2020

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You are moving to the Fort Walton Beach area and you want Everything there is to know about the area we have come to the right place because here at The Emerald Group we talk about just that and today we're going to be talking about all things related to the Gulf restaurant on Okaloosa Island!

Honestly, we get so many phone calls, emails, and texts every single day of people moving to Fort Walton Beach and we absolutely love it! If you are thinking about moving or relocating, make sure you reach out to us, give us a call, send a text, shoot us an email or send that carrier pigeon our way. However, you would like to get a hold of us, we have your back when moving to Fort Walton Beach!

Today I am particularly excited to talk to you guys about the Gulf restaurant here on Okaloosa island one of my favorite places to hang out add for multiple reasons I can't wait to talk to you about why this place is so awesome let's get into it

First and foremost, we need to talk about exactly where the Gulf is located. The Gulf is located just as you come onto Okaloosa island just seconds from downtown Fort Walton Beach and a mere minutes away from Destin FL. Coming from the Fort Walton downtown area you will take 98 over the Brooks Bridge and hang an immediate right. This is very important because the restaurant will be on your left but you need to take a right and go under and around the bridge if you try to take a left after Brooks bridge that is a no left-turning zone and you will get honked at like crazy and could cause an accident. Make sure you watch the video so you can see the map!

The First thing you will notice as you pull up to the Gulf is their trademark design of being made out of shipping containers which or recycled and salvage building materials. There are also plenty of palm trees, sand, and an overall atmosphere that you can't really touch anywhere else here in the local area. One of my favorite things about the Gulf is strangley all the different types of seating arrangements and seating options that you have. I know that seems strange but whether it's sitting up at the bar in a nice bar stool or in a hammock over the sand or on a couch overlooking the sound these are all great options for you to sit and enjoy the views and the atmosphere. Whether you're looking to have a drink and just enjoy the scenery or have lunch or dinner either way you will not be disappointed. They've got a seasonal menu that includes fresh seafood!

In regards to the food, it is always changing they have a couple of items that stay the same which are generally a chicken sandwich and a burger which is both great but of course where we live there's always a great chicken sandwich or a great burger. Even though these are definitely at the top percentage of their game it's the other food that will really blow your mind. Whether it's snow crab legs or their outstanding blackened Mahi tacos to their swordfish it is all definitely designed to kind of blow your taste buds out of the water.

Their beverage list is great as well whether you're looking for some freshly squeezed lemonade, one of their signature cocktails or just a nice refreshing blonde ale to sit while you're looking over the water. No matter what your preference is you will find it here including a full bar so that nobody is left out.

Not only the ambiance of the entire place and the outstanding customer service something that I think the Gulf probably prides himself on. They are also a great place for special events. Whether it is a surprise birthday party, a wedding venue or just a great get together with an amazing crew of coworkers. You will find that this entire atmosphere is going to be very inviting for everybody involved.

Now their procedure for getting food is a little bit different than normal. You typically go up, you order, you pay for everything that you get, then you go to the bar grab a drink. Both are completely separate and then you go find a seat, go find your friends and they will bring the food out to you for you to enjoy. Don't worry about critters getting to your food or birds coming down to grab anything. They do have fishing lines and such strewn about the property so that you don't have to worry about any of that. Speaking of critters, this area is dog friendly. So, if you want to bring your amazing four-legged friend to go meet some other new friends, whether they are two-legged or four-legged, this is definitely a great spot for you.

For the colder months or if it happens to start sprinkling on you, they do have an indoor section upstairs so that everybody could stay dry and warm and still enjoy the festivities.

Well, I hope this makes you want to head on over to The Gulf. I am ready to go back now! Don’t forget that if you are wanting to move into the Fort Walton Beach or surrounding areas to give us a call, shoot a text, send an email or send that carrier pigeon – however, you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. We will catch you next week with another video, see ya!

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