Halloween Safety Tips from the Emerald Group

Dated: October 28 2019

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Halloween Safety Tips with the Emerald Group

Halloween is a very fun holiday but with so many kids roaming the streets for candy it causes a bit of a safety concern. As any parent knows, this can be a very fun night but one that requires a little bit of oversight.

There are 5 main takeaways that you should consider when trick or treating with your young ones. 

1. Bring reflective gear. Whether it is flashlights, reflective tape or glow sticks - making your child very visible in the dark is vital. 

2. Go in groups. This is more than just for safety, it is also for fun. The more the merrier as the old saying goes. 

3. If you are handing out candy, make sure your porch light is on. Another helpful tip on this is to scan your walk way and porches for any tripping hazard - nothing ruins a great night out trick or treating like a trip and a boo-boo. That's not the best type of "boo" we are looking for tonight!

4. Stick to the sidewalks or stay on the side of the road. Most cars on the roads should be very aware of everyone running around but just to ensure safety. 

5. Don't eat open candy or candy found on the ground. You never know what may be in an opened candy wrapper or a candy found on the ground. Better to just be safe and throw those away!

These are just a few of the tips you should be aware of this Halloween. Make it a fun one!

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