29 Things You MUST Know When Buying a Condo in Florida | Explained!

Dated: October 15 2021

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So maybe you have visited the beautiful Emerald Coast and you are thinking to yourself that I might want to buy a condo while I am out there. Seems like a pretty good investment. Well, these are going to be the top 29 things you absolutely must know before purchasing a condo here in Florida, particularly here on the Emerald Coast. Let us talk about it!

What is going on, my name is Andrew.  I am with the Emerald Group at EXP Realty. I am located along here in the beautiful Emerald Coast. And today's video we are going to be breaking down everything you need to know. This is going to be a full guide for you for anything to do in condos and purchasing them here in our area.

Now if you are even kind of thinking about buying a condo or vacation home or really any property along the Emerald Coast all of our information is on our website. We would really love to help. We could get you in touch with either myself or one of my specialists for exactly what you are looking for and we can help. Now let us go right into the 29 things you absolutely must know when buying a Condo here on the Emerald Coast.

First and foremost, why would you even buy a condo on the Emerald Coast? There are so many other places to buy a condo. What would be the reason why the Emerald Coast of Florida would be the place you would want to call home, or I guess second Home?

Top 29 things you must know when purchasing a condo here in the Emerald Coast of Florida:

1. Best Place to Buy a Vacation Condo

2. Figure out How much you can Afford

3. Comfortable if the Condo Stop Cash Flowing

4. Special Assessment

5. Know what the HOA Covers

6. Hidden Fees

7. Get involved in the HOA

8. Numbers of Rental Projection

9. Get those Rental Numbers Up

10. Hurricanes

11. Insurance

12. Taxes

13. Property Manager Fees

14. Marketing Expenses to take care of

15. Manage it on your own or Get a Property Manager

16. Repeat Customers

17. Supplies

18. Condo is not always perfect

19. How often would be your owner visit

20. Tax Benefits

21. Where do you want to purchase a Condo?

22. Down Payment

23. Interest Rates

24. Closing Cost

25. Condo Inspection

26. Utilities

27. Repair Cost

28. Overall Maintenance of the Property

29. Furnishing

So hopefully you found this helpful. We love chatting with you guys. Reach out to us however you would like. We would love to help. Until next time.

See ya!

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