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The 7 Best Cities in Florida to Live In | Florida Cities Compared

Here are the best 7 cities in Florida to live in.For today's video, we are going to talk about the best 7 Cities to live in the Sunshine State of Florida. So If you are planning on moving to the

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A Tour of Inlet Beach on 30A in Florida | Driving Through Overview

Inlet Beach is one of the more unique places on all of 30A, it kind of, almost want to say it mirrors the west end of 30A in how it is so different from the specific neighborhoods, you know,

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Best 11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Snowbird in Florida : Snowbirding TIPS

Who doesn’t want to travel south for the winter? Florida is one of the most popular winter-time destinations in the USA, and with good reason. Not only is Florida home to some of the best

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Comparing Crestview Zoo to Gulf Breeze Zoo in Florida : Which is better?

Which is better, the Crestview or Gulf Breeze Zoo?Well, what are the differences? Location, obviously: where are you? Which one are you closer to because they’re a bit of a distance from each

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