What are the Reasons Why People Move to Florida?

Dated: September 28 2021

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Why is everyone moving to the Emerald Coast stick around to find out? Hi everybody, it is Andi G with the Emerald Group right here in beautiful Fort Walton Beach Florida. Today we are going to be talking about seven reasons why people are flocking to the Emerald Coast. This area is experiencing a lot of growth so we have done sort of an informal poll to find out why. So let us get started. 

One of the biggest reasons folks are moving down here is the COST OF LIVING. It is so much less expensive to live on the Emerald Coast than it is to live in places like New York City or most places in California, only your big population centers. With the rise in telework and telecommuting, people can make those moves without having to change their jobs. I looked up some statistics and comparing a city like Pensacola to say Manhattan. You have a 40% lower cost of living in the Panhandle. Then you do in New York and the housing costs are close to 90% less depending on where in New York City you are so it could be anywhere from 50 to 70%. Now. If you are looking at some place, like a larger city in California, a lot of those cities, you are looking at forty percent less cost to live here and 60 or more percent less for housing costs. Hawaii is insane. The cost of living in Hawaii is so out of control compared to here that our cost of living is 50 Percent lower and our housing costs are 70 percent lower. So that is a huge reason. Why folks are moving here. You have all of those wonderful benefits of living near the beach, living near the water, but we do not have those out of control housing costs. 

A big deal for a lot of people. Let us see, number two, going along with that is again, we are experiencing a period of growth, which means that we have a lot of JOB OPPORTUNITIES here. Top three are going to be anything. That is military. Tractor related. So all of the base support because it we have a lot of bases here. Just on my way home from work, you have got Duke and Eglin, but then we also have Hurlburt Field here. We have got the stuff out in Pensacola. We have got 10 Dylan Panama City, there are lots of military. We have a lot of Military Support. A huge chunk of our economy is built around the bases. It is something like half. I think it is 45 or something percent. I do not remember off the top of my head, but it is something like that. So if you are in any one of those fields that can be support whether that is admin or Tech or business management engineering, of course, engineering is a big deal. Then you definitely have a place here. Another big one is Tech in general. Again, growth equals new industry. We have more and more need for web designers all those fun things. These are jobs that you can do for people all over the country, right? So you can live here enjoy the lower cost of living and still work for those big companies that might be in Silicon Valley or wherever as long as you can tell. The word and then the last big one is Healthcare, especially the two ends of life, your Pediatric and geriatric. So whether you are a nurse or a doctor or a physician's assistant anything like that, any kind of tech that you might be, if you were planning to graduate from med school or you are currently working on a certification or you have just got it. Maybe you have got one and you just want to change of Pace. You may want to move somewhere else. Come here. We need you. You can work on the Panhandle. We just have a great need for people in health care to come down here and staff hospitals, and the doctors’ offices and the Specialist, all those things. So again, if you are looking to make a new start in your career, you are changing careers. And any of that stuff, sounds like it might apply to you and this might be the place to come.

Number three, of course, is THE BEACHES. Everybody loves going to the beach, right? And our beaches are just beautiful. It is a big reason why I moved back here. I love the beach. I love the water and I love our soft sugary white sand and I love that beautiful green that you see in the water, a lot of the time. It is not like murky, scary green. It is clear and beautiful and that is why we're called The Emerald Coast. It is almost like that name, makes sense. So if you do love the beach, but you do not love the idea of having to pay California or Hawaii prices. Then you should definitely come down here. 

Number four on my list is kind of related its WATER HOBBIES. A lot of folks have hobbies and sports that they enjoy that they need to be near the water for from fishing, so fishing and boating weather. Renting a boat or buying one for yourself or hiring a boat for the day to go out with a captain and crew and all that, or maybe you are into paddle boarding. I am any good at it. But I enjoy it. Kayaking, surfing, any of those Sports. You need to be near the water in order for that to work. And this is a great place for it. We also have a lot of folks who like to hunt and believe it or not. Once you get up north from the beach a little way. There is some decent hunting land up here. So a couple of my friends go out every year and they get themselves a couple of bucks. It is a lot of fun. So if you are into those kinds of things then this is this may be the place for you as well.

Number five on the list of why people have started moving here. It is the CHANGE OF PACE. It is a sort of slower quieter place to live if you are trying to get out of the big city and sort of rat race mentality, you know, a lot of folks are leaving hustle culture behind. This is a place to come because it is normal for you to take time off. It is normal for you to go on vacation and because a huge amount of our industry is built around the bases. A lot of the folks on the base, like they are done at three o'clock. So are the rest of us. And again, if you want a quieter Pace of life, this can really be the place for you. Now, if you are looking for big-city adventure, maybe Miami might be better for you if you want to move to Florida, but if you are looking for a little bit more, chill place to live. Come on down to the Emerald Coast. 

Number six, not really a surprise, is THE WEATHER. Yes! It gets quite warm here. We have hundred degree days. Yes, we have humidity. But you know what? We do not have any freaking snow. There is no snow to worry about. I have seen exactly zero snow since I moved here three years ago. I have not put my winter coat on in three years. I do not know why I bothered packing it. So if you are looking for to never shoveling snow again, if you are looking forward to being able to wear flip-flops and shorts pretty much year-round. If you would really like to get rid of your giant collection of chunky cable knit sweaters. This is the place for you. If you enjoy snowboarding and shoveling snow and you know slippery, sidewalks six months out of the year. This is not the place for you. But if you like your warm weather, come on down. 

The number 7 on the list is RETIREMENT. A lot of our clients come here to retire. They have had that rat race. They have been in business or industry their entire lives and they are ready to come and just relax. And for a lot of people living in, Florida means being on vacation every day of the year, you get to enjoy all of that fun stuff you get to go to the beach like ten months out of the year, maybe nine not everyone is a polar bear, but you can go to the beach most of the year. You can enjoy all of the fresh seafood and the water sports, and the Boating, and all of this fun stuff and it is available all year round. You can get yourself a little condo near the water, even on the water. There are condos that are pretty affordable that are on Miracle Strip. They back up to the golf and that is really cool too. So again, if you are looking to retire and really get to feel like you are on vacation every day of the year, come on down to the Emerald Coast.

So those are my seven reasons why folks are flocking to the Emerald Coast and if you are interested in maybe moving down here, please call text email, send us a message, put a comment down below this video and give me a chance to help you make my hometown your hometown. 

Have a great day!

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