Tour of Holley By The Sea, Navarre Florida

Dated: June 19 2020

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You are headed to Navarre Florida and you want to know all about Navarre’s neighborhoods. Well we decided it would be best to start with Navarre’s most dominant neighborhood, Holley by the Sea.

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Navarre has several neighborhoods we could have covered but the most common neighborhood that we get asked about is, Holley by the Sea. Why is this neighborhood so popular? Why does it have an HOA? What does the HOA cover? Is this the best neighborhood for me and my situation? These are all questions we get asked ALL the time. In this video we are going to answer all of that, plus a bit more. We are going to jump right into this but make sure you stick around for the end when we discuss all things about the Recreation Center.

1.      Holley by the Sea, where exactly is it located?

a.      The first thing we need to look at is exactly where in Navarre is this located

                                                    i.     Located just north of Highway 98, the West entrance starts at Edgewood, and the East entrance beings at Sunrise Drive, of course there are dozens of other ways in, these two just happen to have their own signs for a nice welcome. You can also enter HBTS by going along E Bay Blvd.

                                                   ii.     Now let’s discuss the types of homes you will see in Holley by the Sea.

1.      Homes began being built in HBTS in 1975 although the development didn’t really get started producing homes until the 1980’s. Building has been relatively steady since then.

2.      You will see brand new homes going up, resales from 1980 to now, single family, detached homes.

3.      As of the time of this shooting, June of 2020, the actively marketed properties in this area are going from $215k up to $800k with the bulk of the properties being in the 275k to 375k range

b.      Speaking of location, let’s discuss the proximity of HBTS to some key locations.

                                                    i.     All of these locations will be from the Rec Center for video purposes, you may be in North HBTS and it could take a bit longer, or you could be closer to some of these key points and it would take less time.

                                                   ii.     First, for those of you who will be working at either of the main bases nearby, you will have a 29 minute commute to Hurlburt Field, and approx. a 48 minute drive to Pensacola’s Naval Air Station.

                                                  iii.     For groceries you have a few options, for those who love wally world as I call it, there is a Walmart neighborhood market practically IN HBTS, a mere 4 minutes from the Rec Center, and the Walmart supercenter is just 14 minutes. For you Publix shoppers, it is located about 7 minutes away. There are other grocery spots but in the interest of saving time, we will skip those and move on to the proximity to the nearest airports.

                                                  iv.     The Pensacola airport will likely be your best bet to fly out of, depending on who you like to fly with, it is about 38 minutes away. The VPS airport on the other hand is about an hour away. VPS does have Allegiant flights as of shooting this video that does make it appealing if you are flying into one of their cities.

                                                   v.     It will take approx. 50 minutes to make it Destin, if you feel like spending the afternoon there. And if you are really wanting to get a piece of the Florida lifestyle out of the way, you can head over to the beaches at 30A about an hour and 45 minutes away.

                                                  vi.     If beaches are what you are after, however, you have a beach just there for the Navarrians and their guests and visitors, which is under 10 minutes away.

                                                vii.     Now for some other landmarks, HBTS community is just 12 minutes away from the Gulf Breeze Zoo, you will notice it while driving down 98 by the massive Giraffe’s necks and heads poking above the tree’s as you drive down. We will do a video on the top things to do in Navarre at a later time, but this is def a hot spot, you can feed the giraffes, birds, pigs, goats, and many many more.  

                                               viii.     For those of you who enjoy the outdoors style things, like canoeing, tubing down a river, camping, etc, Blackwater River State Park is only 40 minutes up the road, look out for another video on that for another day.

c.      Let’s take a moment and discuss what the HOA is and what it covers before we get into the Recreation Center and the truly amazing reason you might want to be part of this HOA community

                                                    i.      First off, any lot in HBTS has an HOA fee, and every lot and home does need to fall under their guidelines, this means, keeping up with your lawn, they are lenient but if it gets too bad they might come out and ask you to take care of it!

                                                   ii.     Each lot/home is require to pay HOA Due’s, that fee is $425.00 per home owner as of shooting this video, keep in mind these are subject to change although I have not personally seen HBTS change theirs.

                                                  iii.     What exactly are you getting for that $425 you are spending every year? This is my favorite part!

d.      For that small fee per year you are getting full access to the Recreation Facility which includes 48 acres of park and recreation.

                                                    i.     A full weight room with free weights, cardio machines, weight stations, stretching room, optional personal training, aerobic classes, yoga and Zumba.

                                                   ii.     Swimming pools, a family pool, kiddie pool and enclosed lap pool, with options to pay for water aerobics, swim team, swim lessons, lifeguard training, water rescue and a CPR and First Aid Course.

                                                  iii.     8 Lighted clay courts, tennis teams, with options to pay for tennis lessons and even a junior tennis program.

                                                  iv.     There are basketballs course, a baseball field, handball, volleyball, walking trails, shuffle board and a pickle ball court. 

                                                   v.     They even have a game room with a pool table, foosball, ping pong and air hockey.

                                                  vi.     Optional Children’s programs for the littles, before and after school care, summer camp, fun factory, ballet, taekwondo and a babysitter’s course.

                                                vii.     Co – ed Sauna and steam room, locker rentals and showers.

                                               viii.     The beach area consists of a childrens playground, 3 picnic pavilions, 10 water view campsites with electric, water, and a comfort station and it’s even got it’s own fishing pier.

                                                  ix.     Not to mention that on the north side of HBTS you have a boat ramp and pier so you can safely launch your boat from the comfort of your HOA. 


And that my friends concludes our neighborhood tour of Holley By the Sea! Be sure to look down below in the description section where I will include links to the HOA rules and regulations, and several other helpful links in case you are considering this as a potential future home for you.

Don’t forget that if you are wanting to move into the Navarre  or surrounding area’s to give us a call, shoot a text, send an email or send that carrier pigeon – however you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. We will catch you next week with another video, see ya!

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