Tour at West End of 30A Florida | Hidden Paradise!

Dated: June 8 2021

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Living in 30A Is SO expensive, but I LOVE that area!! If that is what you are thinking and you are trying to find a way to move to 30A, stick around, I have got a hidden gem area just for you!

I am AJ Beddouk with The Emerald Group right here on 30A! If you are new to our website and interested in the 30A area, stay tuned until the end of this blog and we got you covered. 

Our team is already successfully helping people just like you to make their dreams of living on the Emerald Coast a reality, so if you are considering that same lifestyle or even just have questions about it, go ahead and email us, Facebook stalk us, and send us messages, give us a call, whatever it is that suits your personality, we are happy to help?

I love 30A, It just got this vibe that speaks to my soul. My chiropractor is here, my favorite beach is here, my daughter loves it, it is really just wonderful, but I like to have a yard and a little bit of privacy too. If this sounds like you, the West End of 30A might be exactly what you are looking for! 

Hidden between Topsail and Dune Allen Beach you have little subdivisions speckled across both sides of 30A, some in much higher price points, and some a bit more affordable – nearly all of them super cute! Being so close to 98 means that you will not have to fight traffic so much if you need to go into Destin or Panama City Beach for any reason, but you are also close enough to the 30A action that you do not feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere. Gulf Place is just up the street with tons of little shops and of course, you have a few public beach accesses available too. 

I hope you found this blog informational, but make sure to check out our new blogs every week on our website because I will be doing more on the various areas along 30A! Have a great day!

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