Tour Bluewater Bay in Niceville, Florida! How Nice is Niceville, Florida?

Dated: February 5 2021

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Welcome back to life on the Emerald Coast. Today's blog is going to be all about a neighborhood here in Niceville, Florida and that neighborhood is Bluewater Bay.

What is up, everybody? This is Andrew with the Emerald Group. We get calls texts emails all the time about people wanting to move to our area here on the Emerald Coast. If that sounds like you, feel free to give us a call shoot us a text or send us an email. However, you want to get ahold of us! We have got your back when it comes to moving to the Emerald Coast.

Now let us go ahead and get into Bluewater Bay! If you are a golfer then look no further! There are 18 holes on a beautiful golf course! It has so many raving fans! It will challenge all skill levels. Need a bite to eat after? Check out Slick Micks for a great lunch or dinner. Now during COVID, they are only taking to-go orders. Hopefully, when things get back to a new normal, a live band will be playing once again!

Let us move on to Bluewater Bay’s Marina! You do not want to miss this! Right here you can dock or board your boat. There are 120 boat slips! They have permanent passes and guest passes. There is a bait and tackle store right there to help you out. Enjoy the views of the bay. Check out the gorgeous sunrise and sunsets. There is even a spot to load in your kayaks or paddleboard right into the bay. Make sure you grab a bite here at LJ Schooners. Enjoy live music and a full bar. Again, the perfect spot to check out these amazing views!

Right down the road from the Marina is a recreation center. This recreation center has an outdoor lap pool, picnic tables, and more boat storage. They off free water aerobics even more members. Be sure to check them out.

Up next we have the Tennis Club! Do you love playing tennis? Do you want to learn to play tennis? Then this you defiantly will want to check out. This is the most popular tennis club. Boasting over 200 active members, over 15 USTA and local men's and women's teams, over 60 active junior players, 12 annual tournaments, and numerous member socials, Bluewater Bay Tennis Center certainly has a tennis game for every age and every level.

This Tennis center has 12 beautifully landscaped, LED-lighted clay courts, a new deck overlooking their professional size stadium court, and a comfortable, fully equipped clubhouse with locker rooms, pro-shop, and snack bar. There is always someone there to help with all your tennis needs!


They provide you with the most comprehensive adult and junior programs, a High-Performance Academy, private and semi-private tennis lessons, summer day camps, social events, and leagues! Now that is quite a bit for a great Tennis Club! No matter what playing level you are on, this is a great fit!

Now let us talk about what is near Bluewater Bay. There is a condominium, Florida Club. Florida Club comes up right before you head into Bluewater Bay. Florida Club does consist of renters and owners. Florida Club offers a pool, hot tub, gym, sauna, picnic tables, grills, and nice areas to walk your dogs. Just do not forget to clean up after them!

Bluewater Bay is not too far from things we all need. Let us take a look!

1.       Going into Destin is only about 14 minutes!

2.       DestinFort Walton Beach airport is only 17 minutes away!

3.       Duke Field is going to be 21 minutes away!

4.       Eglin Air Force base is going to be 20 minutes away!

5.       Hurlburt Field is going to be 33 minutes away!

6.       Winn-Dixie is only is right outside of Bluewater Bay and is 3 minutes away!

7.       Publix and Walmart are both going to be about 14 minutes away!

8.       Beach spots! Destin: Henderson State Park is about 14 minutes away!

               Okaloosa Island is about 26 minutes away!

Let us talk about the housing prices! Homes start at $350,000 and go up. Now there are some under, but they are going to need a lot of work. Possibly even gutted. Just know they do tend to start more at $350,000 and up. Bluewater Bay has just about everything for everyone! It could be a great neighborhood for you! People love it for their community and schools. If you have not already, check out the above video of Bluewater Bay. We take you all through Bluewater Bay just so you can get a feel of this beautiful area!

Thanks for checking back in on this week’s blog and video on Bluewater Bay. If you are thinking of moving or relocating to Niceville, Florida, reach out to us! If you have any other questions that we didn't answer feel free to reach out to us and we'll get them answered as quickly as we can. Do not forget to make sure you give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email. We have got your back when it comes to moving to the Emerald Coast.

Well, that is all for this week. We will see you next week. See ya.


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