Top 3 Neighborhoods in Fort Walton Beach to Live in

Dated: May 7 2020

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You’re thinking about moving to Fort Walton Beach and you want to know the best neighborhoods to live in? Well we came up with the top 3 neighborhoods in Fort Walton Beach that you will want to live in.

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So we came up with the top 3 neighborhoods based on our experience and the hundreds of past customers who have relocated to Fort Walton Beach. We are going to jump right into these neighborhoods and be sure to stay until the end because we think you are going to love everything about the 3rd neighborhood.


Elliots Point –

·         Types of homes in Elliotts Point

o   Homes ranging from 1950s ranch style, 3 bedroom 1 bath affordable homes

o   colonial 1960s homes

o   brand new and almost new homes build in the last decade

o   waterfront homes of all ages, to include bayou and bay front homes

·         Elliots point boasts many features one of which is its proximity to all things Fort Walton Beach

o   10 minutes to Eglin AFB

o   15 minutes to Hurlburt Field

o   5 minutes to uptown station

o   8 minutes to the beach

o   15 minutes to Destin

·         In addition Elliott Point Elementary School is right in the heart of Elliott’s Point

·         Ferry park is also located in this desired Neighborhood and boasts

o   A 9-hole disc golf course

o   Basketball courts

o   Lighted Tennis courts

o   Playgrounds

o   Walking/running track

o   Picnic tables and pavillions

o   Multipurpose field – soccer, baseball, etc

o   A little taste of nature

Northgate Estates –

·        Types of Homes in Northgate Estates

o   Primarily 1960s and 1070s style ranch homes

·        Northgate Estates has many features as far as its proximity in Fort Walton Beach

o   19 minutes to Eglin AFB

o   9 minutes to Hurlburt Field

o   9 minutes to uptown station

o   16 minutes to the beach

o   21 minutes to Destin

o   7 minutes to the Santa Rosa Mall

·         In addition Northgate Estates has an outlet center with a Publix and multiple places to eat/shop just moments from its community

·         One of Northgate Estates most notable features is it’s sense of community

o   Every year, this is one of the hottest spots in the town to go trick or treating. It’s residents tend to really go all out to help make Halloween a fun event for all. You will see haunted houses, houses decorated to the teeth and a large bulk of the residents sitting in chairs on their front lawn and just giving a sense of community like you don’t normally see.

o   For you Christmas light lovers, this is the premier place to drive through and enjoy the Christmas lights at its finest. The entire community hosts a “luminary” event where they post lights inside of gallon jugs or home made candle holders decorated for each home to light the way into the Christmas season. Then, they open up the entire community to drive through a specific path to enjoy the lights. Some lights dance to the tune of a local radio station.

o   This is the type of neighborhood that you can grab your golf cart and cruise the area with.

Kenwood –

·         Kenwood is one of FWB’s most desired neighborhoods and consists of

o   Late 1960s and 1970s Ranch style homes

o   1970s Traditional homes

o   1960s and 70s Colonial homes

o   And even a Victorian home sprinkled in here and there

·         Kenwood is in a primary location, which is what probably makes it so desirable

o   11 minutes to Eglin AFB

o   13 minutes to Hurlburt Field

o   10 minutes to uptown station

o   16 minutes to the beach

o   21 minutes to Destin

·         A portion of Kenwood is located right on the Fort Walton Beach Public Golf Course which consists of two different 18 hole courses. The Pines and the Oaks.

And that there is Fort Walton Beach’s top 3 Neighborhoods to live in!

Don’t forget that if you are wanting to move into the Fort Walton Beach area to give us a call, shoot a text, send an email or send that carrier pigeon – however you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. We will catch you next week with another video, see ya!

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