The Cost of Living in Navarre Florida

Dated: June 5 2020

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You are considering moving to Navarre Florida, or you are headed our way soon and you want to what the cost of living is here. Well in this video we are going to talk about the cost of living here via housing prices, renting, buying groceries, health insurance and we will even do some comparisons from across the country.

Honestly, we get so many phone calls, emails and texts every single day of people moving to Navarre and we absolutely love it! If you are thinking about moving or relocating, make sure you reach out to us, give us a call, send a text, shoot us an email, or throw us a paper plane with a note on it. However, you’d like to get a hold of us, we have your back when moving to Navarre!

We came up with the most important cost of living items to look at when you are relocating, so whether you plan to move here, just doing a little research, or you just got orders to move to one of our local bases, we have your back with everything you need to know. We are going to jump right into the cost of living here in Navarre, but be sure to read until the end when we compare some of the countries biggest cities, and see how they stack up to Navarre.

·        Housing prices

o   Median home price in Ft Walton is $272,000

o   According to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), the national median sales price for existing single-family homes in February 2020 was $272,400, up 8.1% from the previous year; the national median existing condo price was $249,900. In California, the statewide median sales price for single-family existing homes in February was $579,770; in Massachusetts, it was $395,000; in Maryland, it was $295,000; and in New York, it was $301,000.

·        Renting

o   rental prices are higher than buying per month

o   3 bedroom, average price in Navarre is $2160

§  For reference, the National Average for a 3 Bedroom home for rent is $1,584

o   4 bedroom, average price in Navarre is $1,730

§  For reference, the National Average for a 3 Bedroom home for rent is $1,791

·        Utilities, average overall

o   For a 1600 sq foot home you can expect about 100 bucks per month for the cooler months and creeping up to 180 per month during may, June and July.

o   Water and sewer can run about 40 to 60 bucks assuming you don’t have a pool, with a pool and sprinkler system, mine generally hits about a hundred bucks per month

o   Internet average is about $60

o   If you are fortunate to have gas you can expect it to stay fairly low, around 20 to 40 bucks

·        Gas prices, averages, they may change but comment down below and ill tell you what it is, as of May 2020 they are $1.49, though we are mid COVID-19 as I write this and prices have dropped from about $2.49 since January

·        Meals - going out to eat

o   You can expect a meal to be around 12 bucks per person in most normal dining places in and around Fort Walton Beach, if you add a few drinks and a friend or spouse, plus tip, most of our restaurants will net you around 50 bucks for that good time

·        Groceries, average compared to the rest of the country

o   According to the folks at, you can expect to spend just shy of $300 bucks per person in groceries, assuming a western diet – compare that to the USA where the average is $341.55. That’s $172 bucks cheaper for a family of four in groceries compared to the national average

·        Sales tax? Do we have it, how much?

o   Here in Santa Rosa County they are 7%

·        Income tax? Do we have it, how much?

o   Florida is one of 9 states without state income tax, probably why it’s such an attractive place for people to move to

·        Health care, compare to the country, plus an average sort of idea of a healthcare plan

o   According to valuepenguin the average healthcare cost in Florida is around $450 per month, or $5,304 per year

·        Cost of living in comparison to other big cities

o   Let’s compare this to a few cities, assuming a nationwide average Household income for that particular city, according to 

o   First with Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, Navarre is about 11.1% more expensive to live in, home prices being the main factor.

o   Atlanta, another great city near us is a mere 1.9% more expensive overall

o   When we look to Texas, we take a look at Austin, Texas which is approx. 13.1% more expensive than Navarre.

o   Heading over into Las Angeles, in comparison to Navarre it is 64.3% more expensive to live in LA, YIKES!

o   And lastly, we can’t leave out New York City which is 77.4% more expensive to live in, over Navarre,  WOW!

o   Now those last few don’t surprise me but what does surprise me is the median price for a home was so much higher than I’d expected, you can get so much more bang for your buck out there compared to so many of our other cities, but that’s for another video at another time.  

Don’t forget that if you are wanting to move into the Navarre or surrounding area’s to give us a call, shoot a text, send an email or toss that paper airplane with a little note on it our way – however you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel then click the link below! We post videos every week!

That’s it, now LET’S GO TO THE BEACH!

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