The Artful Things Niceville Shop Tour in Florida | Check it out!

Dated: September 14 2021

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Okay, you all, so we had some super fun technical difficulty, and all the audio that I thought I was taking while doing this video today, I was actually NOT. Super excited about that. So, a lot of my talking is not going to match up with the video, but I still wanted to make this video because I think it is worth it for you to check it out. 

Artful Things in Niceville is located at 1087 E John Simms Pkway in Niceville. Let us check out what the store has to offer. We have got some jewelry and some artwork. The really cool thing about this store is that whether you are local or a tourist, you are supporting local artists when you purchase from here. So that means that the items in this store are locally made. So if you are wanting to get a gift for someone or decorating yourself, you can get something with a true local flavor and you are actually benefiting a small business owner – actually multiple small business owners. This is not the store for you to go to if you just want something that says Niceville but was made in China. This is the store you come to if you want something authentic and meaningful.

In this store, you are going to have beautiful artwork that a lot of times was actually created in this store! Many of the artists do not just rent their space here, they also use it as their office and will create their magic right here! You can walk through this store and actually see inside the work areas of multiple artists and kind of get a feel for their personalities before ever even checking out their artwork. If you are lucky, you might even see some of the artists actively working on a commission piece when you walk into the store and get to see some of the magic in action. 

Now, some of these artists will only create things from their imaginations that they want to do, but some of the others can actually be hired to create a masterpiece based on a two-dimensional photograph that you have. Imagine your favorite family photo being taken and turned into a glorious painting. Pretty awesome. 

This store also specializes in framing pictures. So if you have some old artwork that needs to be reframed or maybe you did your own work and do not know how to frame it, the lovely folks at this store will actually do it for you to really add that additional element to your artwork. There is so much here to choose from for decorations, gifts, and just unique items. 

There is an artist that owns goats, Patrice Dixon, and she makes these soaps herself with the milk from her goats – how awesome is that?! Talk about as natural and authentic as you can get! She uses all-natural and local ingredients mixed with some essential oils, so of course, I had to buy some lol. There is also a lady that was making these gorgeous little handbags from a hand that is so stinking cute, but she is actually not able to make them anymore so what you see is the rest of her inventory – better act quick! There is some resin art as well, it makes for some super cute coasters for your drinks, along with some wooden ones that have been engraved. There are some shirts and aprons that are made by local artists as well that sew everything by hand; the detail is incredible. There is another artist in the store that actually loves to do artwork based on Bobby Bayou and not only paints but then scans her artwork in and has it printed on various items that are held and sold here at the store such as pillows and scarves. 

There is a completely separate area in the store specifically for art supplies and then another one still for classes. As far as supplies, there is everything that you would need for painting, wax working, woodworking, watercolor, all sorts of items both for painting with and painting on. The selection is not like walking into an art store, but still, a very good selection spanning multiple mediums. There is this really cool medium, it is wax, and you melt it into like a painting. They even offer classes on it. The classes that they offer are both for adults and children. They have a corner sectioned off specifically for children and have plans to create a huge shelving area to keep children’s work overnight to dry so parents are not seeing fun colors all over their cars and who knows what else. Currently, the store is offering small classes for homeschooled children as well as private classes, so definitely book one if you are looking for some help growing your creativity!

As a little treat, there is even some local honey here at the store. Not necessarily art-related, but way better for you than sugar and from the local area! 

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