Surprising Things About Moving to Florida | Check them out!

Dated: September 7 2021

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Would you like to know some shocking things about Florida? Stay tuned!

Hello everybody, it is Andi G with the Emerald Group right here on the Emerald Coast of Florida. If you are interested in learning about the Emerald Coast, moving down here, or general information. Well, stick around.

Today we are going to talk about the things that surprise me when I moved back to Florida.

Let us talk specifics:

1. Business Attire

The first thing that got to me is “What passes for business attires in Florida?”. You do not have to be super dressed up to get a job. That is one thing I loved about here in Florida. You do not have to spend a thousand dollars for a professional wardrobe to get a professional job.

2. Florida is Surrounded by Water

I did not realize how much water there was in the panhandle. I know it is a little bit embarrassing but I know now. We have the gulf, the sound, the lake, the ponds, rivers, and so on. Water is everywhere!

3. Boats Everywhere

This goes along with water everywhere, there are boats everywhere! I should have not been surprised. I think half the people owned a boat here in Florida. If you don’t own one you can rent one to cruise the gulf or let someone drive you around in a yacht to see the dolphins.

4. Fishing

Along with the boats to is Fishing! I have never before in my life lived in a place where people fish off every bridge I cross. It’s really fun to see people fishing along the same bridge. 

5. Seafood Everywhere

Fish markets and seafood everywhere. The big industry around here is shrimping. It is fresh as it can be. Locally sourced and locally bought.

6. Shrimp Boil

Shrimp boil is both an activity and a product here in Florida. It is like a backyard BBQ party in addition to a big pot of water with shrimp, potatoes, corns, and more.

7. Beach Culture

When I was in Northern Virginia, the beach is several hours away. Now I drive past the beach on my way home. It can just be “I want to go to the beach in my lunch break!” and it is really cool.

8. Beach Bag

Concept of the Beach bag where you put all your beach stuff in and it lives in your car like all like almost all year. So if we feel like going to the beach all our stuff is in there. Beach bag, definitely have one!

9. Weather Watching

The last thing that really surprises me about moving to Florida is "weather watching". I have never met people who are weather-aware groups of people in my life. They have a weather app installed on their phones and they check it every time. There is a Hurricane season here in Florida so we always need to be aware of tropical storms coming so we can be prepared.

That is all I got for today. If you are interested in moving here please reach out however you want to. Give me a chance to help you make my hometown your hometown. 

Have a great day!

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