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Dated: July 3 2020

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Crestview has so many neighborhoods we could have covered but the most common neighborhood that we get asked about is, Redstone Commons. Why is this neighborhood so popular? Why does it have an HOA? What does the HOA cover? Is the best neighborhood for me in my situation? These are all questions we get asked all the time. Let us jump right in and discuss the Redstone Commons.


1.      Redstone Commons, where is it located?

A.     The first thing we need to look at is exactly where in Crestview this is located

                                               I.          Located just North of I-10, head East on Redstone Ave and the main entrance sits off Okaloosa Lane.

                                              II.          Now let us discuss the types of homes you will see in Redstone Commons.

1)     Homes begin being built in Redstone Commons in 2015 making this a very new neighborhood to live in.

2)  As of today, July 2nd, 2020, there are only 11 brand new builds going up and then the community will be completely out of new builds. If you are looking at getting into this neighborhood with the new home, you might have to move quickly. Not to worry though, Dr Horton is already off to its next subdivision. If you're wanting a new neighborhood and like the style of these homes, send us a message and we will let you know where the newest developments are!

3)     Right now, the new homes are going for $250K up to $277k for a brand-new build, once those are gone, it will only be re sales from this point on. I do not see that as a bad thing, you get all the benefits of a new home but someone else lived in it first and found all the kinks or issues, if any. 

B.     Speaking of location, lets discuss the proximity of Redstone comments to some key locations.

                                     I.          All these locations will be from the welcome area, so you may be a minute or two slower if you are deeper in the neighborhood.

                                    II.          First, for those of you who will be working at either of the main bases nearby, you will have a 17 minute commute to 7th Special Forces Group, and approximately a 30 minute drive to Duke field. For those of you at Eglin it'll be approximately a 27 minute drive.

                                  III.          For groceries you have a few options. For those who love Wal Mart there is a Walmart supercenter just 6 minutes away. Publix is even quicker, at 5 minutes away. Both grocery stores are on the way home and extremely near the street that you need to turn on to get into the neighborhood and makes them quite easy to get to.

                                  IV.          The nearest airport is the Destin Fort Walton Beach airport and it is a mere 24 minutes away.

                                   V.          It will take approximately 45 minutes to make it to Destin if you feel like spending the afternoon there. If you are really wanting to get a piece of the small town for a lifestyle, you can head over to 30A, the first of the mini beach towns will be an hour and 10 minutes away.

                                  VI.          If beaches are what you are after, however, the closest beach will be located on Okaloosa island just 38 minutes away. The Henderson Beach State Park is 44 minutes away if you are using the toll bridge or an hour to save a few bucks.

                                VII.          Now for a nice park nearby, Redstone Commons is just 7 minutes from the Twin Hills park.

                               VIII.          For those of you who enjoy the outdoor style things, like canoeing, tubing down a river, camping, etc. Blackwater River State park is only 30 minutes up the road, lookout for another video on that one of these days.

                                  IX.          And for those looking for a trek out to our bigger nearby cities, to the East is Panama City Beach and it is about an hour and a half away. Pensacola will take you around 50 minutes.

C.      Let us take a moment and discuss what the HOA is and when it covers.

                                               I.          First off, every home in Redstone Commons has an HOA fee based on the size of the lot/home. The property does need to fall under their guidelines, this means, keeping up with any of the rules and regulations the HOA says, which are not all that complex or strict.

                                              II.          The HOA dues are paid out yearly not monthly. HOA is anywhere from the high $500’s to the high $600 range. Again, depending on the size of the lot and home.

                                            III.          What exactly are you getting for that $500 to $600 you are spending every year? This is my favorite part.

                                            IV.          For that small fee per year you are getting full access to the rec facility and shared items. Including…

1)     a 1900 square foot pool house that can be rented out for parties, it has bathrooms, and an outdoor kitchen.

2)     A great resort style swimming pool that includes a beach like entry, fountains, underwater benches, outdoor shower, and lounging chairs to sunbathe on.

3)     Even a park for the kids!

That is a lot of information! I hope this was helpful to you. Remember, if you are looking for similar communities but you MUST have a new home, simply let us know. We will gladly fill you in on where they are located!

As always, if you are wanting to move into Crestview or any of the surrounding areas, to give us a call, shoot us a text, send an e-mail, or even send that carrier pigeon. However, you would like to get a hold of us! We will be here for you. We will catch you all next week! See ya!

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