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Dated: July 31 2020

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Welcome back to Life on the Emerald Coast. Today's video is going to be all about a neighborhood here in Fort Walton Beach and that neighborhood is Northgate Estates.

What is up, everybody? This is Andrew with the Emerald Group. We get calls texts emails all the time about people wanting to move to our area here on the Emerald Coast. If that sounds like you, feel free to give us a call shoot us a text or send us an email. However, you want to get ahold of us! We have got your back when it comes to moving to the Emerald Coast.

Now let us go ahead and get into the beginning of Northgate Estates. When you first enter you will see the Northgate estate sign and about 50 yards later you have a big beautiful statue of a bald eagle.

I will touch briefly on the types of homes here in case you are interested in living this kind of neighborhood. Most of them are going to be 1970s to 1880 style homes, a lot of them have been upgraded but because of its location and its Community feel it is going to be slightly priced higher than some of Fort Walton Beach.

Another great thing to add to the community feel is that Northgate Estates does have its own Facebook group, and this is open to the public. It is also for the residents to post things for their events. Post for the public are things like the luminary event. trick-or-treating event or even big garage sales. For the community members and the families, they do things like an eye spy event for the kids as well as who can do the best sidewalk art. They did all this during covid-19 to kind of help with morale.

Now let us get into North Gate of States community events. They do two very well.

The first of those two is trick-or-treating on Halloween. They make this fun for the adults and the kids. This is kind of one of the premier places to go trick-or-treating in most of Fort Walton. There's a couple of other little spots that are popular too. But Northgate Estates Takes the Cake! This neighborhood is generally popular enough for Trick-or-treating that most of the folks that are handing out candy do not even hide inside. They are generally outside sitting in a lawn chairs waving at their neighbors and having a good old time just giving handfuls of candy to the kiddos!

The second event that they do and they completely blow it out of the water!! It blows my mind. Every single year is the luminary event.

Here in the luminary event the entire neighborhood gets together, and they put milk jugs out along all of the streets that have little tea lights in them to light up the way if you will. Then they kind of make a path through the neighborhood for people. People drive-thru and gawk at all the Christmas lights that they do an amazing job setting up!

You will notice right when you enter the neighborhood, it will immediately have a big sign to turn right you will go right down Woodbine Circle and start heading down there. One of the first houses you are going to see should have a big sign that says, “hey tune it to ‘this station’”. It is an actual radio station where some of the lights are dancing to the music.

It is a very relaxing experience, but it does take a little bit of time. So, make sure you either get out there early or be prepared to wait a little bit but trust me. It is well worth the wait!

Now everything inside of Northgate Estates already makes it awesome. But what takes it one step further is what is just around the neighborhood that is in pretty quick driving distance.

As soon as you come into the neighborhood, in fact immediately when you come into the neighborhood is Maples Market. Maples Market boasts everything that is locally grown here in our area from fruits, veggies, steaks, and different types of meat. Even fresh seafood, cheeses, milk and just about all your essentials. You are not going to find a whole lot of processed food here because most of it is locally grown items.

So just on the other side of Maples Market is an entire Shopping Center. I am going to start with the farthest away from Northgate Esates and work my way all the way in.

All right starting on the other side and working our way back to Northgate Estates.

We've got a –

1.      Wild Ginger - a little Hibachi lunch place. It's great for something a little bit different.


2.      Tropical Smoothie


3.      PetLand – get all your pet goods and maybe even a new pet!


4.      T.J. Maxx


5.      Neighborhood Café – my favorite place for breakfast! It actually use to be an old bank.


6.      Books-A-Million


7.      CiCi’s Pizza


8.      Office Depot


9.      Bealls Outlet


10.   Moes – similar to a Chipotle.


11.   Publix – another grocery option other than Maples Market.

All of this is literally less than a quarter of a mile to the front entrance of Northgate Estates.

Thanks for watching this week's video on Northgate Estates. If you have any other questions that we didn't answer feel free to reach out to us and we'll get that answered as quick as we can. As I mentioned before if you are thinking about moving to this area, make sure you give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email.

We've got your back when it comes to moving to the Emerald Coast.

Well, that is all for this week. We'll see you next week.

See ya.

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