Navarre Florida vs Fort Walton Beach Florida - How Much?!

Dated: October 23 2020

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What’s going on, this is Andrew with the Emerald Group right here in Fort Walton Beach. If this is your first time to this blog and you want to know everything about Navarre and the surrounding areas, make sure you check us out every Thursday at 7 pm!

Honestly, we get so many phone calls, emails, and texts every single day of people moving to Navarre and the surrounding areas and we absolutely love it! If you are thinking about moving or relocating, make sure you reach out to us, give us a call, send a text, shoot us an email, or throw us a paper plane with a note on it. However, you’d like to get a hold of us, we have your back when moving to Navarre!

So we came up with the most important cost of living items to look at when you are relocating, so whether you plan to move here, just doing a little research, or you just got orders to move to one of our local bases, we have your back with everything you need to know. Let’s jump right into a few costs of living differences between Fort Walton and Navarre.

  • Housing Prices

o   Average home price in Fort Walton Beach in 2020 YTD is $280,000 vs Navarre where the average home price is $334,000.

o   Now the issue with the average home price is it doesn’t paint the entire picture, so looking at it on paper would suggest that Fort Walton has better pricing but let’s talk about the differences in the housing between these two areas

o   The average detached single-family home in Fort Walton in the $280k range is a 3-bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 1600 sq feet, home built in 1979 (varies)

o   Compare that to the average detached single-family home in Navarre in the $334k range is a 4-bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2000 sq feet home built-in 2011.

o   This shows a clear difference in what the average is for each area. In Fort Walton, you are much more likely to be in an older, smaller property.

**  Let us know if you would be interested in seeing a video on the differences in a certain priced home vs another similar priced home in different cities, I think that would be fun! **

- Now you may not be purchasing right away so let us investigate rental numbers.

o   In Fort Walton Beach a 3-bedroom home can be rented for an average of $1750 per month and a 4-bedroom property averages $2100 per month. In Navarre, a 3-bedroom can be rented for an average of $1600 per month, a 4-bedroom can be rented for $2050.

o   Even though this shows a clear difference in pricing for rentals, you will notice that the rentals prices are fairly comparable even though the average sale prices are a bit of a way off.

  • Utilities, average overall

o   As far as utilities and things covering the home, you are going to see a slight difference, but between a 1600 sq foot home and a 2000 sq foot property, I don’t think the difference is going to be so dramatic as to change most people's viewpoint on where to live. That being said, be sure to consider the fact that 400 sq feet does make some difference and the age of the property can add to your utilities if items have not been upgraded, such as windows, roofs, insulation, etc.

o   Just about everything else, as far as the cost of living is going to be fairly competitive between the two so I am not going to go into detail on those, if you’d like more concise numbers on those sorts of things like gas prices, groceries, going out to eat, healthcare, and so on, feel free to check out any of the cost of living video’s we have in the playlist, we will link in the cards above.

  •  Location

o   This leads us to the most important portion of the video, where we discuss the benefits and downfalls of each location

o   Your workplace is often the most important factor in deciding where to live in a city, and for those of you who will be relocating due to military orders and you find yourself at Eglin AFB, the most common cities to live in will be Niceville and Fort Walton Beach. We are not showcasing Niceville in this video but will in the future and Navarre may be too much of a trek for most people. Looking on a map, the distance is not that bad, but with traffic on 98 and scooting through town, it could make a commute from Eglin AFB to Navarre about 35 minutes during clear traffic and well over an hour during peak commute times.

o   For those stationed at Hurlburt Field, either Fort Walton or Navarre are both great options, Fort Walton being right outside of either gate and Navarre being a short 15 minutes away during clear traffic and 30 minutes during peak traffic.

o   For anyone relocating to be closer to Pensacola, Navarre would be the clear winner when considering commute times. From Navarre to Pensacola Beach would be about 30 minutes and from Navarre to downtown Pensacola is currently around 45 minutes due to the bridge being down leading into Pensacola but typically it is only about 35 minutes.

 For those of you looking to be closer to our infamous town of Destin, Fort Walton would be the clear winner in this case. From the heart of Fort Walton, Destin’s Harborwalk is a mere 14 minutes away.

o   When it comes to the beach, you cannot go wrong with either city, Navarre has its own beach and restaurants and things to do located around the beach area and so does Fort Walton Beach. Both also offer a wide variety of services, from pontoon boat rentals, jet skis, you name it.

o   When it comes to overall proximity of things to do, both cities have their ups and downs, that is clear. The overall feel of Fort Walton Beach, though, will be that things are a bit closer and more centrally located to get to. This comes with a downfall being that the homes are built on smaller lots, generally. In Navarre, you may have to spend 10 minutes just getting out of a neighborhood because the lots and homes are a bit bigger, and once outside of the neighborhoods, you may still have to drive a few minutes to get to your favorite locations as things are a bit more spread out.

Hopefully, this video helps make it just a bit clearer on which city might be right for you between Fort Walton and Navarre.

Don’t forget that if you are wanting to move into the Navarre or surrounding area’s to give us a call, shoot a text, send an email or toss that paper airplane with a little note on it our way – however you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. That is it, LET’S GO TO THE BEACH!

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