Navarre Beach, Florida Tour - ALL The Beach Accesses!

Dated: October 16 2020

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Navarre Beach has several beach accesses!

Are you looking for one with showers, restrooms, and maybe a grill? Maybe you need a handicap accessible ramp and mat. Want to go snorkeling here at Navarre Beach? In this week's blog, we go over just where ALL the beach accesses are here at Navarre Beach, Florida!

First up, we have the Navarre Beach Pier Access. You will have 3 main accesses to the Gulf. You will find a lot of public parking, restroom, showers, trash cans, and pavilions with picnic tables.

Now head west and find 9 public access points! Note there are no showers nor restrooms at any of these 9 locations. These are best if you are staying in the area at a hotel, condo, or beach house. 

#1 Walkover 39C

·         This right by the Caribbean Resort. As you will see in the video above, there is no public parking.

#2 Walkover 39B

·         To the left of Springhill Suites and you will see in the video above, there is public parking!

#3 Walkover 39A

·         To the left of Belle Mer Condominium and you will see in the video above, there is public parking!

#4 Walkover 38C

·         Public Parking

#5 Walkover 38B

·         Public Parking

#6 Walkover 38A

·         Public Parking

#7 Walkover 37C

·         Public Parking

·         Handicap Accessible

#8 Walkover 37B

·         Public Parking

#9 Walkover 37A

·         Public parking

·         Handicap Accessible

Now head back up toward the pier and keep going! You will come up to 3 pavilions on your right! Each pavilion is handicap accessible, has restrooms, water fountains, showers, picnic tables, and charcoal grills! I will provide a link below so you may even reserve a pavilion for a special event! Weddings, birthdays, family, or friends get together!

Now head down to the last pavilion. You will notice a ramp leading towards the gulf. This is used to help with your fishing gear, hauling kayaks, paddleboards, and even wheelchairs. You will notice a blue AccessMat located at the foot of the ramp for additional access to the gulf for all abilities! Fun fact about this location! There is a snorkeling reef right here! Don’t forget your snorkeling gear or diving gear! Remember to bring a buddy! Don’t go alone!

Want something a bit quieter? Maybe no waves? Right across the parking lots, you will notice the Sound area. Pavilions, picnic tables, and restrooms are all available. You will notice a pathway to the dock where you can enjoy the sand and sound side swimming. There will be another path leading down there as well closer to the main road. Enjoy the calmness of the sound side. Be sure to watch out for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets right here on the sound or the Gulf! 

Let us know your favorite spots and fun things to do here at Navarre Beach! Give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email, or even hit us up on Facebook! If you are wanting to move to the beautiful Navarre, Florida area then we have you covered! But for now, I am heading out to watch the sunset! See ya!

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