Living in Florida Will Be HELL Unless You can HANDLE These 10 FACTS

Dated: September 10 2021

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If you were even considering moving to Florida, this is a great video for you to watch. There are 10 different things that I think everybody needs to know before they move here to the Sunshine State. This can be a make or break for your move here. So let us get after them.

What is going on this is Andrew Iremonger. I own the Emerald Group here at EXP Realty. We service everybody from Pensacola to Panama City and everything in between. If you are planning to make a move down here or you are thinking about making a move, you can get a hold of us we would love to help in however we can. We are getting calls, texts, and emails all the time from people wanting to move here so reach out to us however you want.

Let us get into these 10 different things that everybody needs to know before moving to Florida:

#1 Extremely R.E.D.

Most of the State is very R.E.D. If this bugs you well Florida may not be the best for you. 

#2 Extremely Patriotic

We love our military out here; we love the American flag with a passion. You can see them on boats, cars, or hanging on the back of their jeeps. So if seeing the American flag everywhere bugs you then maybe Florida is not the best place for you.

#3 Heavier Leniency with Guns

Floridians love their guns. We like our guns; they are throughout the entire state. There are gun ranges out here where you can shoot everything to your heart's content. We protect our gun rights as much as possible. So if guns or the idea of someone carrying guns scare you well maybe it is not the best spot for you to move to. 

#4 Figuring out where you need to live

If you choose the wrong spot for your personality and the personality of the city that you are living in. You will be going to have a bad time living in Florida. If you need help when you think of moving here, that is exactly what we do. We got specialists in every single City from Pensacola to Panama City and everything in between. We need to match the area not only to the proximity of what you want, or what is your job, or what you want to do. We need to match the area of the City to you.

#5 Heavy Transient State

A lot of people are moving to Florida for a short time. They are trying it out or testing it. If you live in an area that doesn’t really match your personality well you might not enjoy your stay here. 

#6 Tourism

It is a love and hate relationship between locals and Tourists. There are lines everywhere and sometimes it comes with traffic. Tourism disrupts your movement a little bit.

#7 Traffic

This comes along with Tourism. They cause traffic everywhere, especially during peak seasons.

#8 Hurricanes

We are right in the middle of this season. This is destructing and it will definitely hit everyone. You do not need to be afraid of hurricanes you need to be prepared. We have already created another blog about hurricanes how you actually prepare for Hurricane Seasons.

#9 Heat can be Brutal

Heat can be so bad. You need to stay hydrated. Make sure you have your sunblock ready when you are thinking of going out for a few minutes under the sun. Make sure you are taking precautions. 

#10 Wildlife Bugs

This is the one I personally dislike the most which is the palmetto bugs. Those big cockroaches. There are mosquitos too. You can eliminate this by spraying your whole house to avoid seeing them. We also have snakes, bears, alligators, sharks, and more. But I never heard of them attacking or anything. It is just not their natural thing to do attacking people which I never really heard of happening for a long time around here. 

So those are the 10 things you need to know before moving to Florida. I love it here. Every place has its downfalls but it’s not maybe for everybody but I really love it here. I just can’t imagine living anywhere else. If you are moving down here, we love to help.

See ya! 

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