Living In The Fort Walton Beach Florida Area During COVID-19 - How Are Things?!

Dated: November 27 2020

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You are trying to find out exactly what COVID-19 looks like down here in Florida. Well, let us talk about it.

What is up? This is Andrew with the Emerald Group and today we are going to be talking about COVID-19 and what it looks like here in our area as of November.

Listen, we are getting calls and emails all the time of people wanting to move here to the Emerald Coast. So, if that sounds like you and you are interested in moving down here. Do not hesitate, go ahead, and give us a text, call, or email. Whatever you want to do to get a hold of us and we would love to be able to chat with you.

All right, COVID-19. What does it look like? It is the middle of November here. We have been going through this since February or March. In the beginning, we were locked down, but we opened quickly. At least in our different phases, our entire system out here is pretty much kind of normal. I say kind of normal meaning. I mean, it is not normal. We all know that I do not like using the word “normal”. A lot of everything here in Florida is completely back open. Our restaurants are at a hundred percent capacity, for the most part. For restaurants and things like that, the servers and people interacting with you will wear masks.

But for the most part, the citizens are not needing to. It is completely up to you 99% of the time if you want to wear a mask now. There are some exemptions. Anything that is medical for the most part they are requiring everyone to wear a mask. But outside of that, they are not even supposed to be requiring you to wear masks. Even in grocery stores and things like that. Although if you do go to a grocery store or go, you know to a lot of different places you are going to see people with their mask on. Keep in mind it is being courteous to other people.  As well as, following the recommended guidelines.

For businesses, during phase 2 we had to put up signs stating where are not they required mask. Now I believe it is in my understanding that nobody can require it anymore. I think there are of course a couple of stipulations to that but for the normal business, I do not think they can require it anymore. At least in my understanding. We still have our sign hanging in the office. Of course, most businesses still have theirs and what they recommend.

So, when it comes to putting on your mask in the local grocery stores or just out in public in general. It is 100% up to you. I am not going to sit here and get into whether it is smart or not smart or anything like that. It does not really matter. I am just getting into what Florida is looking like now.

When it comes to the overall amount of sickness that we have had in each of the three counties that we serve. I am going to put those down below. The numbers there are where they are as of lately. I do not know if they are good or bad. I do not really follow this, but the numbers are here for your viewing. It shows how many people are sick and how many people have unfortunately passed away from it. The three counties that we mainly serve are Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton County. The numbers are down below for you to view. The numbers are the numbers. I am not going to say whether they are good or bad. I do not know. I do not follow it closely enough, but they are there so that you have the information at the end of the day.

Bottom line, masks, and social distancing, and things like that are still considered. We will call it recommended, but not required. Social distancing is something that I think everybody is going through right now. Mainly when it comes to the masks it is 100% optional is what it seems like in most situations.

Well, that is the latest regarding COVID -19 here on the Emerald Coast. If you have any suggestions on a new blog post, we would love to hear it! So other than that, we are out. See ya!



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