Islander Beach Resort and Condominiums in Fort Walton Beach | Condo Tour!

Dated: May 28 2021

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Are you thinking about buying a condo as a second home or maybe even a vacation rental here in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area? Well, you are in for a treat because today we are going to talk about The Islander on Okaloosa Island. Stay tuned. 

What is going on in, it is Andrew with the Emerald Group and in today’s Blog, we are going to be talking all things about the Islander. 

Hey, listen, we get calls, texts, and emails all the time with people wanting to move to our beautiful Emerald Coast. We love every single one of them. So if that sounds like you go and give us a call, shoot us, a text, send a carrier pigeon, smoke signal. I do not care however you want to get ahold of us, get a hold of us. But for now, let us jump right into The Islander. 

The full name of this condo is actually Islander Beach Resort and Condominiums but I call it the Islanders. So for the rest of this blog, that is what I will be calling it. The Islander has a 20 foot by 80 foot, ginormous pool with a hot tub and an on-site office. An on-site office is always an added benefit whenever you are buying a vacation condo. If you are renting it out, either VRBO just Vacation Rental by Owner or if you are having a management company manage it, because now your folks do not have to go to another site office, they can do it right on site, go there and get their keys, check-in and go up just like a hotel would.

The Islander also has a meeting room and a community room, barbecue areas, and Shuffleboard. The islander also has elevators, covered parking, which is another great deal, because whenever it's raining, obviously, you're going to be covered, you're not going to get all wet. And that's a good thing because it does randomly rain here in Florida. It also has laundry facilities. And in some of the units, they’re fortunate enough that they were retrofitted to have washer and dryer hookups there as well. There are laundry facilities on-site but a lot of the condos have already been converted and have washer dryers in their unit. So you don't have to take all your stuff down. If you are coming down as an owner for maybe more than a week at a time, you don't have to take all your stuff down and wash it, and your guests can wash their stuff at the end of their trip. Take it all home. They don't have to worry about messing with it when they get home. 

Now, the Islander was actually built in two different phases. We're going to talk about both of them, kind of mingle them in together. 

Now, Phase 1 of The Islander has 42 units, six of which are efficient 18 of which are Studios. Six of which are one-bedroom, and for the two bedrooms, there are 12 of those. Now the efficiencies are going to be 340 square feet at the time of the shooting, they were selling from 232 240,000 dollars. Thinking of efficiency? Think of a Hotel room, you’ll not get to have the full kitchen. It’s going to be a little bit more basic all in one room - the bathroom, your studios are 448 square feet and 459 square feet, depending on which stack of condos that they are inland at the time of the shooting, we didn't have any of those for sale are one bedroom, two baths in this phase of things were selling from 275,000 to 315,000. Those are 800 square feet are your two-bedroom, two-bath, and phase, one is 1070 square feet and at the time of the shooting, they didn't have any of those for sale or whatsoever. 

All right? Now that just phase one. I know you might be thinking. I need some more bedrooms and need some more square footage. Well don't worry, that's exactly what phase two was meant to do.

Now, in phase two, there are 72 different units for sale, there are 42, two bedrooms, and thirty-three bedrooms the two-bed two-bath, bedrooms are 1100, and one square foot, the three-bedroom two-and-a-half-bath is thirteen hundred and fifty, six square feet, and the 3-bedroom 3-bath is fifteen hundred and three square feet. At the time of the shooting, there was only one condo for sale in Phase 2 and that was a three bedroom, three baths for six hundred and fifty thousand dollars. 

Now of course if you would like an upgraded list or price list or anything like that just reach out to us, give us a call, shoot us a text, we'd love to be able to send that over to you all. We need is your email and we can send you a full list of everything for sale in the Islander so that you've got updated pricing. 

And that's it for The Islander if this Blog is helpful to you at all, I would love it. If you want to know everything there is to know about our beautiful Emerald Coast, we do things like these condo blogs. We also do about great things to do in the area, where to go, where not to go, all that great stuff. That’s all for this blog. See yeah!

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