Is Using a New Agent a Good or Bad Thing?

Dated: September 16 2019

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Is it good or bad to go with a new agent?

That's a very good question. First off, watch the video above for a bit more information! Right now as the market is getting flooded with Realtors because when the market is hot, everybody wants to get into real estate. There's a lot of new people.

Is that good or bad? Well, that depends?

I think "it depends" is a great answer so let's chat about it.

So let's do some pros and cons.

"I think one of the one of the biggest pros of having a new agent is that they've got time." An abundance of time, right? So you're playing against time versus experience.

So if you want to go see 30 homes the newer agent might be better for you than the experienced agent.

You shouldn't try and see 30 homes, that's that's not good for anybody. But you kind of get the point right? If you need somebody with a little more fine-tuned touch than a newer agent might be good. Although you're going to like some of that experience in certain cases.

This of course, depends on whether or not they are on a good team, or if they've got good backup from their Brokerage. So either one of those could be good. A new agent in that regard not necessarily a bad thing.

What else?

They're very eager… they have tenacity. I like that, it's a nice word drop - tenacity. They will be a little bit more willing to do new things. Maybe they can to think outside the box a little bit, and they can really research. They can really dig into your property and just go after it so that could actually get in there

And they're going to weed through the MLS like it's nobody’s business.

They know all the they're very they just got off of taking their test, right? They know everything it's all right there. A lot of time to bring the amazing legal knowledge should be in their head.

If they're a proactive newer agent, then they should be very well versed in the market. Whereas an experienced agent, even though they're very well-versed in the in the market as well, maybe a newer agent is actually still visiting homes consistently that's for outside of just showing. Using a newer agent isn't necessarily bad and the worst thing that you'd be losing is the experience which, is eliminated of they have a good team behind them. you know can come and play with ago. 

Do they have a good training team behind them? Are they on a team that's watching their every move but I think another thing to look at as well.

Have they had a job before that they had customer service because that would obviously help with things as well.

Yeah, because I can completely relate to the new position as well. If they are brand new and they've never worked a day in their life that could be bad. Maybe they've had managerial experience things like that because I think it would also be okay.

They would have been able to negotiate a little bit and either way they should also have that drive, that tenacity then you know, they're ready to go.

All in all I think I think it's not a bad thing to go with a new Agent.

We're all new at one point and  you can have that new agent who could be a rock star in the making but there's also that small chance you get that crazy new Agent who doesn't make it.

I think I think at the end of the day they are not the worst especially if they are on a good team. I think with a good team behind them a new Agent is actually probably more beneficial because now you're getting the time that the new Agent has plus all the experience of the team has that's actually very good.

Thanks so much for joining us and I guess we'll talk to you next week.

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