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Dated: September 21 2021

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Growing Green Families is a Health and Wellness Center where the main focus is a community located at 127 N John Sims Parkway in Valparaiso. This amazing group of women specializes in natural wellness for the entire family. They offer chiropractic care, massage therapy, lactation consulting, functional medicine, classes, and also have quite a few products for purchase in the boutique ranging from supplements to soaps and baby-geared items such as carriers and shoes. 

The owner, Larissa Tenzycki specializes in chiropractic care with a focus on pregnant women and infants. When I was pregnant with the baby dinosaur, she had all my attitude and decided to stay upright the entire time trying to dislocate my hips at all hours while simultaneously headbutting me in the stomach and lungs. The only time I felt relief was after a visit with Larissa. She was seriously amazing in helping to gently and safely move Sage out of my ribs. Because Sage was born breech – feet (which translates to bottom) first, there were some concerns about possible hip issues. I used to bring Sage to Larissa on a scheduled basis and we never had any issues. Sage never needed leg braces or any type of therapy and I can tell you she runs like crazy now with zero handicaps. 

Christy is a Certified Lactation Counselor and gives amazing classes and help for breastfeeding. Even though it is like the most natural thing in the world, oftentimes new moms need help learning how to breastfeed. I was no different. Sage and I had a rough way to go at the beginning and it was only after a one on one with Christy that I learned how to help my baby dinosaur properly latch so that both of us were significantly more comfortable. Before the class with Christy, a little TMI, I was in so much pain I would cry out every single time Sage went to the nurse, which was every two hours. Sage was also super gassy and irritable. Because she wasn’t latched properly she was injuring me and swallowing a bunch of air giving her gas and an upset stomach. I can not speak highly enough about the services these women provided and how I witnessed firsthand the absolute necessity of their services. 

Emily and Megan are certified doulas providing childbirth education and classes. These classes help prepare mothers and partners with the last trimester of pregnancy, comfort and pain management during labor and birth, and advocate for the parent(s) wishes during birth. My doula was incredible. Following her direction, I was able to bring my breech daughter earth-side with zero intervention or pain medication. 

Laiken works together with Larissa in providing functional health. If you are somewhat new to natural-minded health, functional health is a holistic approach to health essentially working to discover absolute root causes of issues as opposed to just providing pain medication to mask symptoms – as an example. The most popular issues that these women help with are headaches, hormonal imbalances, gut/GI discomfort, auto-immune disorders, chronic illness, inflammation, skin issues such as eczema, and fatigue/trouble sleeping. Since food is medicine, often a change in diet can help alleviate a myriad of illnesses – Laiken provides personalized nutrition plans to fit individuals and help to decrease any illnesses revolving around them. 

Growing Green Families has made creating a natural and healthy community and safe space for parents and children their objective. They bring families together that create healthy supportive bonds that last and last. Before Growing Green Families, I had no real mom friends, and not much support locally to bounce child-raising thoughts and vents off of, now I have play dates and soul-sisters. If you are pregnant or your partner is pregnant or you want to become pregnant, or you have a child, or an illness, this is the place to come, feel safe, and have your needs met like no other facility can provide.  

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