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Dated: August 13 2020

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Crab Island is probably the main reason that Destin was named one of the “Top 10 Places to Live and Boat” in the United states in 2020, one quick glance at Crab Island and it will become apparent why it was named so! Crab Island has been features on HFT, Good Morning America, more travel magazines than I can count, and it has been visited by a ridiculous amount of tourists year after year.

Strangely enough crab island is not in island, it is a bit of a misconception. It is technically a sandbar. No, I'm not going to go into boring details with all of the history of it the but bottom line, it's man made from the Army core of engineers. Crab island is located between Okaloosa island, the Destin harbor and the East pass which leads into the Gulf of Mexico. With its unique location It is protected from the surfing the waves you would typically get at the beach. That paired with the fact that the water is about one to four feet deep makes it a perfect place to hang out alongside your boat or your jet ski and enjoy the beautiful views. Maybe even a cold beverage or two.

The great combo of the shallow water with no waves and beautiful Clearwater, soft sand beneath your toes paired with the locals who have brought in bars, places to eat and things to do while at the crab island. Make locals and tourists alike fall in love with this beautiful area.

Now in this video we were shooting it during COVID and there is not a lot of the floating bars and other fun things to do that are generally floating out in crab island itself. So, we will eventually reshoot this video with all that great stuff, but I would like to talk about some of it now. So first and foremost, to get to crab island it is accessible by boat or really any watercraft. Please DO NOT try to swim there. There are even water taxis that will take you out there but please do not swim there. Almost every year we have several people drowned because they are either swimming there or swimming back. They could get hit by a boat or what have you and it is just dangerous so please…do not swim out there.

The most popular rentals out here are pontoon boats and jet skis and those are both great ways to get out to crab island. Throw the anchor out and crack open a cold drink and enjoy all the festivities. The typical day at crab island you will see lots of floaties and drinks being consumed, music coming from other boats. If you are in for a workout, you could always take kayaks or paddle boards out there as well. Just keep in mind that you are not going to have an anchor with those, so you are going to have to stay with your board or kayak the entire time. Maybe even tie it up to a newfound friend’s boat.

Now if you do not know what you're doing on the water. I would suggest not getting a boat or if you do get a boat and then get one where you are renting the captain as well. This will prevent you from hurting anybody or sinking a boat which does happen.

You can also take a glass bottom boat or as I mentioned before a water taxi to get out to crab island. All great options that provide a little bit of shade and of course takes the danger away of having a few drinks and operating a boat. Especially when you are not adept at using it already.

Now what are you going to do at crab island, well, as mentioned before you can get drinks at some of the swim up bars: daiquiris, margaritas, and maybe even a little food. There are smaller boats driving around with boiled peanuts, ice cream, shaved ice, and things like that. But mostly what you're going to get at crab island is a rockin’ and good time period. Everybody is got their music up, everybody is enjoying themselves. There dancing in their boats are dancing on the water. There sitting in floaties, there just hanging out and watching the little crab’s underneath crawl around. You might see a little crab walk right by your feet. You can relax in your boat, soak up some sun and paddle around the entire area. Join in on a random game of water volleyball, eat delicious food, enjoy delicious drinks, snorkel around the area and even watch for Dolphins, should they come right up on the sandbar. Toss a football or a Frisbee around. Everybody's wanting to have a good time enjoying themselves, dancing around enjoying the music, enjoying each other’s company, that it's just an all-around good time. You will almost always inevitably make a new friend or 6 or 30 that you might not have even intended to make. Everybody out there is typically so friendly that just sort of happens that way.

All right Andrew but I got to know is this going to be a big drunk fest? Well, I am not going to lie to you on certain days it can be but normal day out of crab island that is typically nothing too crazy and fairly family friendly. In fact, it is fairly family friendly in general. They even have items just for the kids. from obstacle courses to big floaties in the water to large mats for them to float around and hang out on And things like that. If you are there to see the party crowd. My big suggestion is to float around and as you're coming in, find the party crowd and anchor your watercraft near them. But if you would like a family friendly crowd do the same thing except around more families where things are a little bit calmer. When I say more calm, I'm not stating that it's crazy out there all the time but sometimes there is a small party crowd in one area but the family friendly stuff like snorkeling and tossing a Frisbee and things like that, can all be done very easily.

When is the best time to go? Well crab island is technically open year-round but all the floating vendors, bars, blowup inflatables and things like that are typically only open from about March until around October. It works out well because that's when it's nice and warm and the water is good to get in. If you go outside of those months, I can promise you that it will be uncomfortable to get out and wait around in the water. You will also be losing some of the atmosphere as the floating merchants are all gone. If you are looking for a crazy party day, I would pick a weekend day around Memorial Day and Labor Day in the summer. That is when it is going to be the craziest. If you would like it to be a little bit more relaxing, make sure you go on a weekday during the summer or anytime that it is open with the quiet days being Mondays and Fridays. A little secret for you, if you go during high tide the water gets even more clear and that beautiful emerald color that we boast about so much in our area. There are apps that will let you know when high tide is in case you are planning a trip.

Alright Andrew you sold me! I have got to see crab island! Now what should I pack? Now this is easy! Bring a cooler with food and drinks. Make sure you bring some snacks due to the combination of sun and alcohol. Please keep in mind that if you are drinking to make sure that you have a designated driver for your boat safety. It is important out here. Some other things to bring are water, other cold drinks that you might want to drink, floaties and a football or Frisbee. Anything else that you might want to bring for a beach day and please do not forget the sunblock. Especially, if you are lightly pigmented like me.

At the end of the day crab island is probably one of the biggest attractions we have up here and one of the great things that makes this entire area so unique. It is one of my favorite spots to go and although I do not own a boat, we do make sure to rent boats several times per year to go out and enjoy the festivities. As I mentioned before, make sure that you have a captain. If you do not know what you are doing, or you plan on drinking be safe. Do not do something silly while you are on vacation and enjoy crab island at its finest!

Well that is what we have for crab island. I want to thank you so much for reading this and watching our video. As always, if you are thinking about moving to the area and you need some help with your relocation, give us a call or text! Until next week my friends, see ya.

Do not forget. If you are wanting to move here to Destin or any of the surrounding areas, give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email. However, you want to get a hold of us. We have your back when it comes to moving to the Emerald Coast!


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