Emerald Isle on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach Florida - Condo Spotlight

Dated: February 12 2021

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So, you are headed to the Fort Walton Beach Florida area and you are thinking about purchasing a beautiful condo! In today’s blog, we are doing a spotlight on one of our beautiful condos, Emerald Isle!

What is going on, this is Andrew with the Emerald Group right here in the Fort Walton Beach area. We do lots of videos and blogs about everything you need to know right here in Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas!

Honestly, we get so many phone calls, emails, and texts every single day of people moving to the Destin - Fort Walton Beach areas and we absolutely love it! If you are thinking about moving or relocating, make sure you reach out to us, give us a call, send a text, shoot us an email, or send that carrier pigeon our way. However, you would like to get a hold of us, we have your back when moving to Fort Walton Beach!

Now let us talk about all the great details the Emerald Isle has to offer! Emerald Isle is located right here on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Emerald Isle has amazing views of our gorgeous Emerald waters right here on the Gulf! Full gulf views and side views to take in! Sit back and relax on your condo balcony!

The pool here at the Emerald Isle is big and sitting at 24ft x 26ft. It is gorgeous! Check out the Gulf views from the pool. Right by the pool area check out all the grills. Enjoy time outside with your family by the pool and grilling some amazing food. If you are in the mood for tennis, then you are in luck. Emerald Isle also provides a tennis court.

Emerald Isle stands at seven floors tall (as most here on the island) with 70 units! Out of those units, twelve are one-bedroom, twenty are two bedrooms, and fifteen are three bedrooms. There are elevators, owner storage, and laundry facilities!

The one-bedroom and one bathroom are 750 sq ft.

The two-bedroom and two bathrooms are 1180 sq ft.

The three-bedroom and three bathrooms are 1680 sq ft.

Not all condos come with a Gulf view. The advantage of a side view is cheaper. The advantage of a full view is that full Gulf view.  With you being on the island you are a short driving distance to Destin for all your shopping and more places to eat!

At the time of this recording, only one condo was for sale at $400k. If you want to know more and see what is available, then give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email. Even if there is another condo or home you have in mind. Do not hesitate to reach out. We got your back when it comes to moving to the beautiful Emerald Coast! That is it for this week. We will see you next week, see ya!

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