Eden Gardens State Park on 30A in Florida | Garden Tour!

Dated: November 2 2021

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Eden Gardens State Park is a gorgeous 163-acre state park located at 181 Eden Gardens Road in Santa Rosa Beach. It’s just north of 30A and has access to Tucker Bayou. The park stays open all year long from 8 am to sunset and uses basically an honor system to pay for access. The charge is $4 per vehicle. You just grab an envelope, put in your cash or check and then hang the ticket from your rearview mirror – super simple!

I personally love this park because my daughter has way more energy than I do and sometimes I’m too tired to chase her on the beach freaked out that she’s going to get into too deep of water and this park has tons of open space for her to just run and run and run without me having to be a nervous wreck the whole time. It’s also incredibly beautiful. There are lovely flowers all over the place, beautiful fountains, of course, the historic Wesley House, and also great trails. 

If you don’t have a baby dinosaur to chase around, but don’t feel like getting sandy, come check out the Wesley House. They have guided tours Thursdays through Mondays from 10 am to 3 pm every hour on the hour. The tours last 30 to 45 minutes with a maximum of 10 people per tour. The cost is $4 per adult and $2 per child under the age of 12. They close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There is also a dock you can fish from on the Tucker Bayou and a spot to put in a kayak or paddleboard, and of course, there are TONS of areas for a picnic. 

Consider Eden Gardens State park for your wedding too! They have this gorgeous Virginia live oak “Wedding Tree” that’s incredibly picturesque along with a beautiful rose garden, plenty of park areas to create different photo opportunities, and also a screened-in pavilion which you can rent that has a caterer’s kitchen along with a restroom facilities and paved area making it a very convenient location. There’s also quite a bit of parking available which can be a real problem in this area for larger weddings.  

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