Driving Tour of Santa Rosa Beach Florida | Check It Out!

Dated: July 6 2021

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What is that cute little spot between Dune Allen Beach and Blue Mountain Beach? Stick around to find out about what true locals are referring to when they say Santa Rosa Beach

I am AJ Beddouk with the luxury division of The Emerald Group specializing in purchases and sales along 30A! 

Thank you all for your feedback on our past videos, and if you do not mind, give us more! We want these videos to be everything you are looking for to best help you make decisions about the area. So, if you have watched the 30A west end video then you noticed we used a different setting with the GoPro, let me know how you like it! Maybe you preferred the setting we used in the Grayton Beach State Park video. Let us know so we can really tailor future videos to your needs! 

For some housekeeping items, just want to remind you that we are first and foremost a real estate team, so if you’re looking for your next investment or home or considering selling it along the Emerald Coast, go ahead and give us a call, text, message, whatever suits you best and we will be sure to get back with you quickly to help! 

Moving right along! Let’s chat about Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach is a super cute gulf cart-friendly area nestled between Dune Allen Beach and Blue Mountain Beach. It’s a laid-back area with beautiful homes ranging from $525,000 for a condo to $3.5M for a beautiful estate. You’ve got more options for dining and shopping with The Vue, Goatfeathers, and Gulf Place being right there, plus the free-to-access Ed Walline Public Beach Access. There is also a great walking trail that serves both for a great run and also a way to get around without worrying about parking.    

I hope you enjoyed this video and feel more informed about the area. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any recommendations or requests for new videos! Stay tuned for the next one as we continue traveling east along Iconic 30A! 

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