Driving Tour of Holiday Isle Destin Florida | Destination to Remember!

Dated: June 25 2021

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So you are curious to find out exactly what Holiday Isle here in Destin Florida is all about? Let us get into it.

What is going on, it is Andrew with the Emerald Group right here in Destin Florida. Listen if you are trying to find out all things about Destin and the surrounding areas, you have come to the right blog. Stay tuned until the end to find out more about the Holiday Isle in Destin, Florida.

We are getting calls, texts, and emails all the time from people wanting to move right here in Destin and of course the surrounding area. If that sounds like you reach out to us we loved to help, but for now, let us go right into the driving tour of Holiday Isle.

Alright! I am currently on Highway 98 right now and we are driving East. So West heading East and this is the turn-on right here because the Gulf is on our right side. This is the start of Holiday Isle right here soon as we crossed over into this area right past the crosswalk. This actually once upon a time used to be underwater completely and this used to be the pass back from about I think 1940. Army Corps of Engineers decided to fill this area and dredged out the East Pass.

You can see the Sandpiper Cove on the right where you can see the yellow buildings, and straight ahead of us is the Gulf Front and Bay Front. They also have a great restaurant there. The main portion right here in the beginning is you will see Condos on your left side you will see some homes as well and on the right side, you will see a mix of condos, homes, townhomes, and a little bit of everything. A lot of these condos are very popular and we will be doing blogs on each one of these individually at some point.

You can kind of start getting a Single Family Home ranging in about $1.1 Million on the Gulf but that is not the norm there must be little beach cottages that need a little bit of work or maybe they will be a little bit off the path not a direct line into the Gulf. To get in homes like these you generally start seeing them in about the $3.5 Million range. 

The big advantages of Condos are they are a lot cheaper to get into, a lot less expensive. You can generally start getting a pretty decent view in around of $300K-$400K range depending on how large of a condo complex you would like to go and of course what kind of complex because we got a lot of different options.

There is a bunch of different beach accesses in here. Going back to condos, a lot of these have different amenities. Some of them are a little bit plain, they just have a pool, a couple of tennis courts. The other ones like the Surf and Racket Club, It’s got six different Tennis Courts right in the center of the Gulf which is pretty cool.

Down this road is the Norriego Point, Marina, and more. There is an entire section of condos, townhomes, all sorts of things. Some are on the Canal, some of them are right on the Bay depending on what lifestyle you want to look like. This could be a very good option, it is very close to the beach where you can still walk and go hit some public beach accesses but you are going to get the properties a lot cheaper, and generally, you can get a lot bigger properties as well. For instance, these condos here are a very comparable price to some other condo complexes and they also have a gated community. Norriego Point is basically like a barrier Island. 

Crab Island was actually dredged out from the East Pass and created an island that is now a sand bar. It is kind of an Island just a couple feet underwater which makes it so popular for a lot of people to come in and enjoy Crab Island.

That is my driving tour on Holiday Isle right here in Destin. I hope you learned a lot and I hope it is helpful. That is all I got for this week, so until next week. See ya!

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