Driving Through Fort Walton Beach Florida | Road Trip!

Dated: September 3 2021

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So today we are going to be doing a driving tour of Fort Walton Beach along 98, let us get into it. 

What is going on? It is Andrew with the Emerald Group, and for those of you who watch our show, you will probably notice that everything is kind of different here. That is because we are in the middle of moving. So bear with us for the next several videos. As we are trying to figure out where we are going to shoot them, what we are going to do, and all that good stuff. Nonetheless, today we are going to do a driving tour of Fort Walton Beach. I am very excited to bring it to you. 

We are going to start on the East End and drive all the way. West to write up to about Hurlburt Field just technically Mary Esther. I Will stop it around that point and just kind of give you a little bit of tidbit as we go. People are reaching out to our left and right that want to move here to this area in the surrounding area. If that sounds like you, all of my information is on the screen, so call text email, send a carrier pigeon, paper airplane, whatever you want to do, send it my way and we will get you covered. But for now, let us get into the driving tour. Let us jump in the Jeep. 

Starting off our tour here downtown really quickly. We had a video issue that I did not have time to go back and get. So, we missed a super small portion of downtown, but I do want to let, you know, we are going west headed east. So the water is on our left side, where all that traffic is. This is the traffic. We are always talking about this channel. Like we always say, it is not that bad, but it is a little bit irritating, especially when you are a daily driver here. That is kind of the part that sucks during mid-August when I shot this actually, I think it might have been July. Why? So I am kind of talking over it right now. And so that is what the traffic looks like mid-summer and it is going to be like that until you get on Okaloosa Island. 

For those of you that do want to see the rest of Downtown. We have an entire downtown video. We are going to throw it up in the cards up at the top-right? You will see a little notification. Pop-up. Those are called cards and it will take you right to the video. If you would, like, you can right-click it and open it up in a new tab. So you can finish watching this one and go over there if you want. So, you will notice on the left side. This big building is called the Presidio, a beautiful condo complex overlooking the bay. Huge dock, multiple docks really and they are just absolutely stunning. You will see a bunch of condos on your few condos on your left. There is not a whole lot of them to see some of the hotels on the right that they have looked at when we just passed, are fairly new. So, as you can see, the traffic is thinned out on the left side, and that is kind of how it normally goes. It is actually supposed to be a 35 mile an hour Zone. As you will notice, we do not generally go 35 traffic here. The traffic flow rather is a little bit higher in certain areas. Probably should not be but they kind of leave us alone. You do not see too many people getting pulled over for it. As long as you are not going, you know too quickly. That Soy Bistro on the left side we just passed. It was really good for sushi, things like that nice little spot. 

This is Highway 98. This is the one that everybody is talking about. You got Fountainhead on your left side. We have done a video on that. If you want to check that out. It is something like the lowest-priced Waterfront Community, something like that. That is right off Highway 98 here. So yeah, this is quote-unquote. The bloody 98 as a lot of people, so affectionately call it. So you are kind of see this entire going all the way, all the way into Hurlburt Field. This I have said you cannot really tell but that batch of trees over there is a park one that we did a video on a long time ago. Hopefully, when we throw those up in the cards to so if you want to kind of take a look at that, it is a dog-friendly park. There is a little area for dogs to go to the beach. It is actually on the sound. So it is not the beach as how a lot of people think with the waves and the White Sands. It does have white sand. It is not going to have the big waves. It is going to have really small waves. It is the sound. So that is the Area between the Barrier Island and the mainland to remain Fort Walton Beach

So as you see in here, you will start seeing some homes on the left side. They are tucked away in there pretty well. And then, of course, a bunch of homes on the right side as well. So a bunch of little neighborhoods kind of pocket in and out of here, then, of course, you will see some commercial buildings come up. Knowing that a little liquor store over here on your left side. You have got Caches Liquor is actually what it is called, the pretty popular around here. There is a bunch of them. I do not think I have ever been in one, but they are definitely out there. Church on the right side, and then there is just a bunch of neighborhoods here that feed all the way into Hollywood Boulevard a bunch of other name streets. That if you are not from here, you probably do not know. But there is a whole bunch of them back here. So this is kind of nearing the end of Fort Walton Beach remain as we would call it. So when we talk about Fort Walton Beach were generally talking about Fort Walton Beach Mary Esther, and Shalimar all kind of bundled in together. Unless of course, we are specifically singling out Mary Esther or for Shalimar. So this is actually a Mary Esther cutoff coming up on our right. Right past this CVS. This is where we're going to transition into Mary Esther. You have got the Mary Astor Mall up this road. 

This is the main road. This is what a lot of the restaurants are, you know, especially for lunch. If you are one of those that like to dip out of the office to go to lunch in this area. There is a bunch of them down here. They just open up a Chipotle, which is pretty exciting. So, congratulations. We made it. We have a Chipotle. We are going big. Then, of course, there are two of the burrito places on the same road, like, less than half a mile from each other, that is very similar to Poles than one called one is called Mose. Another one is called Hot Head Burritos. Some people love tacos and pizza. I love tacos and pizza to butt burritos are kind of my weaknesses. You could tell that is instantly where I went to another school. 

Doggy daycare right here on the right. For those of you with pups. They take really good care of your dog. At least. That is how it seems to me. And then I have got a school right here off to the right side. So in the mornings and the afternoons when they are going in and letting outgoing, this direction is a little bit painful. Now, the school zone is very quick. But it does slow, you know, just slow traffic down. We are not really seeing it here in this video per se and then, of course, we have the Target on your right side, Tarjay depending on how fancy you are. Then we are, we are definitely in Mary Esther at this point. So, this is Mary Esther, east of Hurlburt Field. So those of you that are going to be stationed at Hurlburt Field, If that is what is happening. When you are with your move down here. This is what we mean, by east of Hobart Fields, very quick to get to everything, but you are about to run out of the housing Zone here at approximately this light, that is coming up on the right side right there really good Greek place. You Otis are super good. There is another one in Mary Esther that just popped up that is really good, too. It is such an offshoot of another one called Aegean. So on the left is the Cedars. They actually probably the Cedars condo complex should have been on my Waterfront complex list. But it is kind of like we will just call it “The wild west condo”. Everybody's kind of doing their own thing. The HOA does not seem like they really care. So it was not really in there. But great inexpensive condos right there on the water, which is super cool. They are over on the left again. We have got houses and we are just cruising right on through. This is the drive; many people be making it. They are going to Hurlburt Field and you can expect this kind of traffic. This is what it looks like probably until night time really, and then it will kind of slow down a little bit, you know, around 9:00 10:00 at night. Do not make it a nice easy Drive. The big problem in 98 and not it is not necessarily a full problem, but it is a concern. But probably with good reason is the speed limit about the most it goes. I believe it is 55 at least through this area. So it does not make it go a little bit slower. 

So we are kind of getting up to the end here. You are going to start seeing the trees on the right side. Open up here in about half a mile and that is where you will start seeing Hurlburt Field. There is actually a Runway that is going directly from. Well, it is all on the right side, but they come in landing from the left to the right. I used to remember the numbers of the runway and all that, but I do not anymore. So you see clear up that is on the right side. That is where the aircraft is that I used to fly. Well, they are not there anymore. A variance of that aircraft but it is super cool because as you are driving down here, you will see planes flying right over it. It is a nice little view, but maybe that is just the old aircraft and heard in me. You know, I really like it and then this is essentially the end of the open portion of Hurlburt field. Would go back to all these trees and then you will see up here, you will see a little Bridge which I am so glad they made because traffic used to be really bad going over this. But just for anybody making this community, Mute. This site is generally pretty good. The other side is generally pretty good too. But every once in a while, it gets backed up just a little bit as you will see, it is got a turn off right here on the right and that is a turn. You would be going to get into the front gate of Hurlburt Field. So that is it. That is our drive. I want to thank everybody for watching, and if you have not already hit that like button, it really helps us out. Helps the algorithm helps us spread the word to more and more people that are trying to get out here, and that is what we are trying to do. We appreciate you guys.


See ya.

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