Don't Throw in the Towel on January 12th

Dated: January 8 2020

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Don't Throw in the Towel on January 12th

January 12th.

January 12 is the average day that most people give up on their

New Year's resolution. Now whether or not you do a New

Year's resolution, I don't care but I do want to talk about if you

do one why January 12th is the main day that people quit and w

hat you can do about not quitting that Day.


First and foremost, the there's two quick little tips that I've read

and researched on and you know have implemented before in

the past to help get through these little bumps if you will.


January 12th is less than two weeks in the new year and not

even coming close to the 365 days that are in the entire year.

Here is what we are going to do to succeed this year…


First of all, if you've already made a New Year's resolution put

it down in the comment section below. I'd love to hear what it

is. Second are the tips.


Be very specific.

First of all the biggest mistake most people make is they don't

get specific. They make a very blanket. I'm going to get in

shape. I'm going to lose weight. I'm going to make more money.

Well if you want to make more money, here's a dollar. You've

made more money. It's done. Right that's not specific enough.

You need to get a little bit more specific. I'm going to work out

five days a week. I'm going to lose 22 pounds. I'm going to get

down to my fighting weight. I'm going to get down to the

weight I was in college. I'm going to get out of “whatever”.

I'm using a lot of health-related ones because that's kind of what

I'm going for this year because I had a little bit of a rough health

Year myself.


That’s kind of what I'm leaning into. Instead of going for

Multiple goals and saying to yourself – I am going to work out

five days a week and I'm going to eat healthy and I'm going to

do this and do that and have four different resolutions. To be

Successful you should choose just one at a time.


The biggest mistakes people make is trying to do too many at

Once. Studies have actually shown that if you just try to do one

Change at a time you have an 80% chance of completing it all

the way through if it's realistic. If you just say I'm going to work

out five days a week you have an 80% chance of being


If you add a second goal, you go down to a 35% chance of

Success. And if you had a third goal, the chances of being

successful goes down to 5% or less. it goes down to 5% Let's not

do that people. That's just silly. Let’s make your goals more

realistic and then add on a little bit later when the first one has a

little bit of success and a habit in place then you can add another



The second tip is to make yourself mini-promises and add

integrity so that no matter what you do you're going to do this

thing that you promised yourself.


For instance, if that thing if you're trying to get in better shape

and general health, let's make it to where you are going to

work out five days a week and I'm going to drink half my body

weight in water and no matter what I do, I'm doing that thing.


It's minor but make those little promises so small that they're

so easy to do and so silly that you just you just have to do it.

To the point where if you're laying in bed at 9:30 at night and you

remember your mini promise to yourself that you will get up out

of bed and finish that task, even if it only takes five minutes to

jump on the treadmill, drink more water, etc.


These two tips alone will help dramatically increase your chances

Of being part of the 8 percent of people who actually complete

Their New Year’s Resolutions.

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