Avoid Moving to Florida - Unless You can Handle these 7 Negatives | You Must Know!

Dated: July 30 2021

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What is going on, this is Andrew. I am a Real Estate Agent with EXP Realty right here on the Emerald Coast which is located in the Florida Panhandle. If you are trying to figure out everything there is to know about Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast stay tuned until the end and we got your back.

Before we get into the guts of the video please be mindful that we are a Real Estate company first, so If you are thinking of moving to the Emerald Coast in any capacity please go ahead and reach out to us whichever way makes sense for your call, text, email, whatever you want. We have got your back when it comes to moving here to the Emerald Coast of Florida.

Are you on the fence about whether moving to Florida is a good decision or not? Explore the lesser-known cons associated with living in the Sunshine State.

Con #7: Extreme Heat and Humidity

With a humid subtropical climate, the Sunshine state is warm and hot throughout the year and it can get quite annoying. It is safe to say that living in Florida without an air-conditioner is almost impossible.

Con #6: Hurricanes

Every place has one major threat from Mother Nature they must be prepared to contend with—earthquakes out west, tornadoes in the Midwest… Well, in Florida it's hurricanes. The good thing about hurricanes is you have plenty of warnings to evacuate.

Con #5: Outdoor Activities

For outdoers, Florida is known as a flat state. There are not so many hills and mountains and you need to travel a little bit longer before you can see such areas with mountain hiking trails. There are other outdoor activities you can still actually do such as yachting, surfing, sailing, diving, swimming, or going for a cruise the warm weather of Florida allows you to go all out! Also, there are outdoor sports such as golf and tennis to partake in, so if you are into those you’ll find lots of high-quality facilities all year round.

Con #4: Tourists

Florida is filled with tourists. People love to travel to Florida, especially in the winter months. The tourists, unfortunately, crowd areas of Florida and make it more challenging to enjoy the state. In addition, many places will raise prices in the winter when the tourists come to take advantage of the great weather.

Con #3: Ridiculous Bugs

Florida has its fair share of bugs and pests to deal with. It turns out that the bugs enjoy the nice warm weather just as much as the people. Mosquitoes can be a problem in Florida, and you must make sure you are prepared for them. Living in areas where there is a bit of a breeze will help you keep the bugs away, but it is not always going to be enough. Having bug spray and clothing that protects you from bugs is a smart idea.

Con #2: Wildlife

Alligators and sharks are a problem for some people. Although most people are fine as long as they leave alligators and sharks alone. If you have a fear of snakes, you won’t love the creatures that will meander through your yard in Florida. Snakes happen to take up residence in a variety of locations, and they will enjoy your home. Many snakes are good, and they will take care of other pests and creatures that can cause damage. But you do not actually see them often especially considering the area you are in.

Con #1: Aircraft Noise

I live here for 15 years and Florida is surrounded by military bases. The improvements in noise abatement, flight patterns, and jet noise have been immense over the last 15 years or so. For us, practically a non-issue, and the aircraft flies literally everywhere, and sometimes when you are inside you would not even notice. No one I know who lives here minds, either once you get used to it.

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