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Dated: April 16 2021

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We all love our little four-legged friends and it seems over the years, a lot of cities and local businesses have made it easier and easier to be able to bring your little (or big) buddy with you. Fort Walton Beach is fairly dog friendly and if you are curious where you can bring your best friend in Fort Walton, here are a few of the great places that both you and your furry friend will be welcome at.  

First, there are lots of great facilities to house your pups while you are off at work or on vacation. This is not the main point of the blog but for those of you curious about that, you do not need to worry. Gone are the days of having a friend watch your pup and wondering if they are getting all of the attention and love that they like. You can board your pup, or even send them off to one of the multiple doggy daycare facilities such as Canine Discovery Center which is located right next to the Emerald Coast Animal Hospital. There you can get your pup groomed, trained and let them enjoy playtime with other dogs, and even naptime all while being monitored. This is not the only boarding place in town, of course, just one that I have experience with myself for my little ankle biter. She always comes back excited and as far as I can tell, she seems to love it there. 

We also have multiple dog-friendly parks. Liza Jackson Dog Park is one of the most popular spots and one of the few spots to allow your pup to get on a sandy beach and enjoy the water in the Sound. They also have leash-free areas for big and small dogs, so they can be free and run around in a fenced environment and separate the sizes so that the little guys do not get run over. 

You are also more than welcome to bring your friend with you to most of the other parks to include Ferry Park but they should be leashed when you do. So go ahead and bring your buddy with you on the disc golf course or relax in the shade under one of the pavilions. 

Fort Walton also has multiple stores that the pup can come in and shop with you at. In Uptown Station there is a Pet Supermarket where they can come in and even pick out their own toys. They also have a Petland located in one of the shopping centers that your dog is more than welcome in. Just down the road in Downtown Fort Walton is one of the best stores for dogs around, 3 Dogs and a Chick. They always have freshly made cookies and treats for your best friend and more toys and food than anyone dog could handle in one sitting. The atmosphere is great and you are always sure to run into another dog lover while you are there. 

On top of restaurants and parks, there are lots of options as far as nature preserves, and places to hike that your dog may also enjoy. Oak Tree Nature Preserve for instance offers about a mile’s worth of walking trails and there are several garbage cans scattered across the area for droppings and such. Your pup must be on a leash here but it is still a great option. 

If you want to see some great aircraft and take a look at aviation history, you can also bring your dog to the Air Armament Museum. I think they will have limited to the outside where they park the big planes and helicopters but it’s still a decent walk to give your dog some exercise. 

Downtown Fort Walton also offers a lot of spots that your dog can join you at to include multiple restaurants. The Cowhead is one of those places, so bring the dog outside and enjoy a great burger or take them across the street to Fokker’s Pub and enjoy the patio there. KC’s Sandbar and Grille is also a great spot, KC’s has a beach bar feel to it and has great snacks and generally a pretty good atmosphere too. This is one of those spots that if you bring your dog during peak times, allow yourself a little bit of extra time as people will want to say hi to your pup and maybe sneak in a pet or two. You can also head down to the Boardroom and enjoy a cold brew and great food with your buddy as well. 

Head a bit further down the road and you will see The Shack where they also have outstanding views of the Sound on their back patio and often have live music on the weekends. This is a great spot and one of my newly found favorites – if you go there and you like to enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage, they have a cucumber drink that is very refreshing and their hushpuppies come with a strawberry butter which sounds like it would not be good but it is. 

Located just south of Uptown Station is Tijuana Flats which welcomes dogs as well. This is a pretty popular spot in my office just because it is nearby, the food is great, and the service is outstanding. I am always amazed by great customer service and Tijuana Flats knocks it out of the park. Enjoy the back patio and have yourself a burrito or a few tacos and enjoy the day. 

Speaking of tacos, most if not all of the food trucks are generally dog friendly as well. So go ahead and head on over to any of the multiple locations where the food trucks are located and bring your buddy along for the ride. 

If a great view is what you are looking for, then The Gulf is also an amazing spot to bring your dog. The Gulf has amazing views, lots of seating, an outdoor bar and they bring the food right to your table. Bring your dog along and enjoy the boats driving by or if you are on a boat with your pup, come on by, dock your boat, and you and your dog can take a break from being on the water all day. 

I would be silly not to mention any dog-centric rules for housing in our area since we are a real estate company after all. When it comes to rentals, a large portion of them are not dog friendly and the ones that are, typically limit the size of the dog and the breed. You will not have this issue with purchasing in Fort Walton because there are not many communities in Fort Walton that do not allow the owner to have a dog, with a few exceptions in Condo complexes. Most of our condos will even allow for dogs if they belong to the owner and not guests. 

One of the big questions we get is, can I bring my dog to the beach. The answer is, not really, not in Fort Walton Beach anyway. As mentioned before there are a few parks you can take them to that are on the water but none of them are on the Gulf of Mexico Beach. Garnier's Beach Park was not mentioned before, but it and Liza Jackson are both on the water and dog friendly, one is on the Sound and another on the Bay. 

We are also a short shot over to 30A which is arguably even more dog-friendly as they do not have ordinances that keep dogs off of the beaches and have a lot more dog-friendly businesses but we will save all of that for another video. 

Thanks for staying until the end of this blog and I hope you like it. See ya.  

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