9 Things You MUST Do When In Navarre Florida

Dated: October 3 2020

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So, you want to find out everything you can about Navarre, Florida? Well in today's video we are going to be talking about some of the top things to do in Navarre!

So first and foremost, before we dive too far into this blog. If you are watching the video, please keep in mind that we are shooting this just about a week after Hurricane Sally. We had a lot of flood damage as you will see in some of the video. Docks are being remade some decks are being remade

and things like that. Everything should be just about back to normal real soon. We adjust very quickly out here.

Let us talk about the fun things to do here in Navarre, Florida!

So, first on our list is the Welcome Center here in Navarre. Some cities do a very boring welcome center, but Navarre is not playing around. They have a splash pad

for kids with little sprinklers. It is a huge hit. It has got playgrounds for two different ages ranges from 0 to 5 and 5 to 12. It has swing sets which include handicap swing sets as well a basketball court. They have Pavilions to take you out of the heat or the rain. All depending on what the weather is like. It is Florida after all. We always say “hey if it's raining, wait for 5 minutes. It will change. It also has a pond that has cute ducks and turtles to watch. The kids love it!

They have a nice little standing dock area that looks right over it. There is a dock and as I mentioned before it is currently getting repaired.

Next up, Juana’s! Juana’s is family owned and they are awesome! They are huge in our community and offer so much! They have volleyball, which you can even join a league, how cool is that? There is indoor and outdoor seating by the bars. One even has seats in the sand. We are known for our sand and people love it! There is live music, a pool table, live music, and an outdoor play area for the kids. You can ride your boat in, jet ski’s, enjoy your kayak, or paddleboards out there. There are so many ways to get here! You've got lots of different options and all in all it's great family fun.

Let's jump right into my favorite thing that we're going to be talking about in this video and that's Sage Paddle Company. The reason this is my favorite thing is because I love that entrepreneurial spirit. A little backstory about Sage who owns the company, she started it when she was just 11 years old! She asked her dad for a $5,000 loan. She was able to pay him back in full within no time and her company took off! She rents out kayaks, paddleboards , and scooters! Be sure to check her out!

Next up on our list is the Navarre Beach Pier. Take a walkout on it for just a dollar! Enjoy the sunrise or sunset from it. Be sure to get your fishing license and have a good time fishing off the pier!

Now let us jump to the next things and that of course is the BEACH! A fun, common thing here to do is Shelling. Grab your buckets and shovels because you will find TONS of beautiful shells to take home! as common anywhere else that I know of is they do a lot of shelling. More things to do are swimming, enjoying the sand, long walks, listening to music, playing beach games, exercise and so much more! Depending on the time of the day, you could even catch the military aircraft flying over as they practice! Come to the beach early and enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Or come in the evenings to watch the beautiful sunset! You will fall in love with both!

Next up! We have the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation,

which is cool. It is a 2000 square-foot conservation that's meant to help threatened and endangered animals including, Sue Turtles. They help rehabilitate our sea life animals here. It is home to our beloved sea turtle, Sweet Pea. Unfortunately, her injuries are too bad and she can not be released back into the wild. Check out their website and hear all about her story!

They were founded in 2013 and was placed on the island to spread education and awareness for sea turtles. They educate locals and visitors on ways to keep them safe, their nest safe and to report any injured sea life.

Okay, you are probably thinking what else can I do on the water? Well, this is where I recommend Navarre Family Watersports! They have you covered from pontoon rentals, Waverunner rentals, Waverunner dolphin tours, craigcat 2 seater boat rental, paddleboards, kayaks, and even a FLYING BOAT tour! They even have miniature golf and a huge blow-up obstacle course for the kids! You got to check them out. While you are there, enjoy a breakfast burrito at Shark Bite!

So next up is Tommy's snowballs because sometimes you get done with the beach and you need to go cool down a little bit. Well, Tommy snowballs has it covered. Tommy’s is located coming back over the bridge and immediately on the right as you're turning off. You can’t miss it! They are a New Orleans style sno cone. They have TONS of flavors to choose from. They even have it where you can add ice cream to it! What?! Grab your sno cone and have seat on one of their many colorful picnic tables. Enjoy the view of the sound and cool down.

Now, if you didn’t eat at Juana’s or Shark Bite then you need to head on over to Dewey Destin’s in Navarre. While we were outshooting the footage for this video, we stopped by and tried their fried gulf shrimp. It was AMAZING!!

I really hope you enjoy these fun places and things to do here in Navarre! We would love to know what you love about Navarre! Hit us up if you are thinking of moving to Navarre. We have your back! Now I am heading back over to Tommy’s for another sno cone! See ya!

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