5 Reasons Why It Sucks To Live In Crestview Florida - Could You Live Here?!

Dated: January 8 2021

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So, you are headed to Crestview and you want to know if this is a great place to live. Well, we came up with the top 5 reasons why it sucks to live in Crestview.

What is going on, this is Andrew with the Emerald Group right here in Crestview. If this is your first time on this blog and you want to know everything about Crestview, well we do lots of blogs and videos about everything you need to know! So, make sure you check back in with us every Thursday so you do not miss out!

Honestly, we get so many phone calls, emails, and texts every single day of people moving to Crestview and we absolutely love it! If you are thinking about moving or relocating, make sure you reach out to us, give us a call, send a text, shoot us an email or send that carrier pigeon our way. However, you would like to get a hold of us, we have your back when moving to Crestview!

So, we came up with the top 5 reasons it can suck to live in Crestview. We are going to jump right into these MUST do items and be sure to stay until the end because our 5th item on our list might surprise you.

1.       Let us start with #1, our job markets. If you are retired, wealthy, telecommute, in customer service, or are affiliated with the military bases either active duty or a contractor, then awesome, you should not have any issues! If not, the private sector does not have the abundance of jobs that you might see in other cities. All in all, though, a large chunk of the people moving to the Crestview Area will fall into one of those categories that does not have an issue with our job market so this might be a non-factor to so many people watching this video.

2.       Next we have #2, Hurricanes – yes, we have hurricanes here. Sure, they are rare to hit us directly but if you live here long enough you will eventually have to evacuate or get hit directly and it is likely to cause some damage. In the event it does cause damage and destruction, your life will be disrupted by having to clean up and sometimes help neighbors, etc. Luckily here in Crestview, the bulk of the damage is done closer to the shore but that does not completely stop the hurricane or slow it down enough that you would not be affected. Most of the time, though, our hurricanes do not involve evacuating this far north and the damage is typically more common to happen to neighboring cities so it is very possible you could spend a decade here and not have this be a big factor in Crestview.

3.       Up next for #3, Weather. Since we are discussing hurricanes already let us discuss our weather. For the most part, the northwest Florida area has great weather, but it can sometimes fall into the category of extreme. We do have winters up here in Crestview, it is not necessarily harsh compared to most parts of the country but occasionally things do ice over and when they do, the area just about shuts down. We Floridian’s are not that great at driving in sleet and ice. During the summer, the heat gets a bit extreme and because it is very humid, sometimes it is a bit much, it is very muggy and causes almost instant sweating. This being said, a lot of people move down here for our great weather, so I imagine in the grand scheme of things, our weather is probably better than most area’s weather.

4.       On to #4, Amenities. Amenities in the area, particularly in the City of Crestview itself is not as abundant as a lot of other cities and areas are. If you enjoy having your vegan, non-dairy, no sugar, gluten-free, kosher, whole 30 approved, low carb, low-fat donuts that you used to get down the street, well you might have to do some intense searching to find someplace nearby to fulfill that craving. Now this is not to say that there are not great amenities here in the Crestview area – they just do not have as many options as you might be used to. This does not mean you will be left high and dry here, there are plenty of great restaurants, some shopping options and will satisfy most everything you need, and, in the event, they do not have that fancy item that you need, Destin and more abundant shopping is just a few miles south of you.

5.       Last but certainly not least is our #5 and that is traffic. Our traffic can be a bit rough here. Luckily, headed into Crestview, the only traffic you might hit is coming from the Southside of town into Crestview during peak hours. There is about an hour and a half window where the traffic can back up as the bases in the area are letting out the bulk of our local military folks at around the same time. This traffic also extends out to other areas such as Destin, Fort Walton, etc. There is not a city in our area that does not have a little bit of a traffic issue during certain times of the day. Of course, most of the day, the traffic in Crestview is completely free-flowing and easy to get around the city so this should not come up very often, unless you happen to be commuting during those peak hours regularly.

Sure, I was able to come up with 5 reasons that Crestview might not be the perfect city to live in but let us get real here, this city is not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. The communities are great, the people in the area are great as well and from the hundred of past customers and friends that we have that live in Crestview, there are very few complaints from them and often, they are raving fans of The city of Crestview so do not be deterred and come check it out!

Do not forget that if you are wanting to move into the Crestview or surrounding areas to give us a call, shoot a text, send an email, or send that carrier pigeon – however, you would like to get a hold of us, we will be here. We will catch you next week with another blog, see ya!

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