29 Things I Love About Living in Florida

Dated: September 17 2021

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There are a lot of reasons why I love living in Florida, and today we are going to talk about the 29 top reasons in no particular order that I absolutely love living in Florida. So if you are thinking about moving down here, you absolutely need to watch this video all the way until the end!

Welcome back to our blog. We talk all things about living here on the Emerald Coast. So if you are thinking of moving here all our contact information is on our website keep in mind we are a Real Estate Company first, so we would love to help you should you decide to move to the great Sunny State of Florida. 

Alright, so let us jump right into the top 29 reasons why I love living here in Florida:

1 People are so Friendly

First and foremost, people are so friendly here! I have lived all over the world. I am prior military and before then my father was military. We move every 2 years, I have lived in different countries. Out of all of the places, this is probably the friendliest. The people are extremely friendly, they are always ready to help you whether you are in a bad situation or not. I really like that about Florida.

2 Has a very Diverse Culture

I love the fact that there are people from every walks of life that come here. It is a very popular transient state so people come along from all over and I really enjoy that. You get to learn so much from other people.

3 Tourists

We also have a diverse culture of people that visit here, and so you get to hear their stories, and their vacation stories, and how they got to be down here.

4 Year Around Tan

A lot of other people, not me, gets a year-round tan. The sun is always shining out here so if you are an outdoor person you will probably get that year-round tan which I do not. I go straight from pale skin to just read. As soon as I am in the sun too much I kind of skip that whole tan area.

5 Has no State Income Tax

If you are planning on moving down here and your job is going to pay the same as you get when working remotely, well it is going to be a pay increase because there is no State Income Tax. I think that is really cool. It is a big benefit to staying here because you can keep more of your money instead of handing it over to the Florida Government.

6 Wildlife

This is why a lot of people come to Florida. The Sea turtles, the dolphins, and the stingrays. It is so cool. When I first got here I get to see these little tiny crabs on the beach. Then you see the sea turtles nesting. 

7 Beaches

This is an obvious one. The beaches out here are pristine. We have these powdered white sand and the emerald clear waters. That is why they called it the Emerald Coast and it is so beautiful.

8 Watching Sunrise and Sunset

The sunrises and sunsets here are so stunning.

9 Crab Island

It was an island once upon a time but hurricanes knock them down about a few feet down. Crab Island is amazing.

10 Renting a Boast, Jetski, Kayak, etc.

Go get some fun with these different water activities. There is so much to and it is so much fun.

11 Golfing

Another thing out here is Golfing. Florida is known for its outstanding Golf Courses. We have them everywhere. 

12 No Snow

13 Mostly Sunny Weather

Sunny weather for almost 200 days a year. There are some rain showers but just wait 15 minutes and it will change.

14 Heat

15 Shirts and Shorts

16 Flip Flops

17 Pool Days

Grab your umbrella and Bahama chair or any sort of shade, and pack some drinks in a cooler to keep you hydrated.

18 They get jealous of how Florida life is

This is a kind of a weird one. I do notice that this is very accurate, that is every time my friends come and visit from other states they tend to get jealous of how Florida life is.

19 Diverse Personality of the Communities

Each area has a different personality. Especially in 30A in Florida. There is a mixture of all of it. Something new is always coming up and I do not get bored here.

20 Publix's Sandwich

This recently made my list. Affectionately known around here as Pub Subs. They’re really good sandwiches. I particularly love taking them to the beach.

21 Seafood

I was not a seafood fan when I moved here but I started expanding slowly, and I love seafood now. You will get them fresh and they will cook it right in there.

22 Huge Variety of foods

A lot of people take their businesses right here that is why we do have a huge variety of food here. 

23 Discounts for Locals

They want to promote the locals and so they give you a discount if you are a resident here. 

24 Blackwater River Water activities

Blackwater River state forest. You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, or tubes, and more. Enjoy different water activities in the Blackwater River. There is so much you can do and just have fun.

25 Mountain or Hill Biking

Florida is mainly flat but the scenery is really beautiful out here. We have a lot of biking trails you can enjoy and visit.

26 Blue Angels

They fly out here out of Pensacola. They are kind of a stunt airplane-style entertainment flown by the military. They are amazing to watch.

27 Other Aircraft

We got the CV22 and also the C130. It is really cool to watch the helicopters fly by.

28 Water Parks

Absolutely amazing. There is so much stuff to do. They have a lot of different water slides, wave pools, and wide pools. They have someplace to grab some drinks and food.  It’s really a good time to bring your family or friends.

29 Staycations

I used to play tourists in my own town every once in a while. Such a good time. You can go out to the beach, grab drinks or go to the bar.

We also have Fishing, Scuba Diving, and this is a great place to retire we can add to the list of top things you will love about living in Florida.

So if you guys are thinking about moving down here. Keep in mind again we are a Real Estate Company first we would love to help. 

See ya.

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