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Dated: July 5 2022

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You came to check out the area. You loved Destin, but someone told you about the traffic and you're like, I don't know if I want to stick around for that, but I want to be close by. Stick around. This is a blog for you. We're going to talk about the best areas near Destin to live where you have a short commute to where you want to be. 

I'm AJ Beddouk, and this is Andrew, and we're with the Emerald Group right here on the Emerald Coast. So we are doing blogs every week from Pensacola to Panama City Beach and everywhere in between. We have been getting calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages, everything you could think of. We’re getting it and we love it. We love communicating with you guys and helping you. So please keep them coming. Let's talk. 

Alright, Destin. You don't want to be in the heart of it because the traffic does get rough when tourism is around. Other than that, fairly good during the snowbird season, but you do want to be close to Destin and then go visit the nightlife and all the amazing restaurants and everything else Destin has to offer. So we've come up with the top three places that you can live nearby, towards still a short commute, and then we have a bonus at the end for you. You’re going to stick around for that. 

So let's get into the first one. What do you have? What do you think is a great place to live near Destin? Probably have to say Freeport. Oh, I love Freeport. Freeport is good. Yeah. Freeport is up and coming. It's perfect if you're a small business owner or you want to become a small business owner because there aren't a whole lot of options in the area right now. So there's plenty of space to go ahead and secure your land, get your licenses, whatever it is that you need, and set up shop because there aren't a whole bunch of competing businesses out there. You could have essentially a monopoly if you're offering something that isn't out there already. Plus, we've got some amazing subdivisions like what is it? Hammock Bay? Yep. Hammock Bay. When I'm thinking of Freeport, I’m thinking of an entire city based around housing. That’s what it feels like to me. Yeah. And so with Hammock Bay right there, kind of taken up the big brunt of everything, and then there's a bunch of smaller subdivision inside of it is what it feels like. You know, there's nature trails There's like all this great stuff and the rest of the city needs to be built around it. So if that's the kind of lifestyle that you’re looking for and still being a short maybe twenty-minute commute right over the bridge to get into Destin, then Freeport could be the place for you. 

So I came up with Freeport. What have you got? I'm going to have to go with my personal favorite, of course, Fort Walton Beach. That's where our beautiful office is. It's going to be kind of home to me for a long time, but that's not the main reason I'm picking it. The reason I'm picking it to be close to Destin is the housing prices. First and foremost, are good in comparison, but not as good as Freeport. But also the proximity, it’s very close and our beaches are probably my top three favorite things about I'll give you that. I’ll say the beaches are a huge play see crossover brokerage and get into Okaloosa Island in those beaches, as you guys know from our previous video, is our favorite beach, everything on Okaloosa island. They're just amazing. It’s a lot less crowded too, which I do like. Yes. Significantly less crowded. And then also, you have great nightlife here in Fort Walton Beach trip, you didn't want to go all the way to Destin. You still have plenty of options in Fort Walton Beach. It’s not going to be quite as Routing's not the right word rambunctious. Like, what would you call Destin kind of like a dense? Yeah. So it is going to be a little bit less of that, but there's not going to be as many options, but they all are kind of close together in Fort Walton, which is nice because your kind of bar up if that's something that you're looking for were too. They’re, like, I would almost say that they're more, like dive bars as opposed to, like, big Oh, you're a big touristy kind of trap. Yeah. They're more, like, local bars, you know. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. I also think the job market over in Fort Walton is fairly good. It’s diverse So if maybe you've got a job already lined up and maybe your significant other doesn’t, it gives them a lot of different options and several times nearby to also find work if they need. 

So let's go ahead and move on to our next one before our big bonus, what you got. You want to bring out this next nice option. Oh, yeah. I've got a nice area that I'd like to mention. Is it nice? It was so nice. Which super nice. Super nice. What kind of nice area does this nice place have? It’s called Niceville. We're doing all the nice stuff that's so crazy. Niceville is a really good option, I think. You've got a short bridge commute down to Destin. Yep. Nice people. Although the bridge does cost some money, do you have to only account for that? It is a little pricey. Make sure if you're going to move to Niceville, don’t forget to get your Sun Pass. And you could just blaze right through. You don't have to, like, stop and pay. The ticket, I think, like, up to four dollars right now, three seventy-five, isn't it? I thought it was more. Yeah. It may be. But every single time you cross it, you do have to pay a little bit the Sun pass helps. But Niceville is pretty nice. It's super nice. They've got great restaurants. Everyone wants to be there for school and then they're Very family-friendly. Enjoy a lot of our families like to move down here once they kind of get to know the area a little bit, like, that's where they're picking a lot of times. Yeah. I would say, like, it's probably the most saw-after area here in our area. A thousand percent. Definitely when it comes to school-wise anyway. Now the prices on houses compared to Destin are going to be fairly comparable, but you'll generally lean on a larger home in Niceville than you will in Destin, but the prices still are going to of up there, the barrier to entry, if you will, is a little bit higher. Yeah. Definitely. Though the price point might be similar, tourism is not. There's, like, virtually opposite. Yeah. It's, like, virtually no tourism in nice failure. It stays down there in Destin. Niceville is for locals and families basically, and there are parks everywhere. Every time you're going to a new area of town that maybe haven't visited in a while, it seems like there's a new park up with what is going on here. This is awesome. So definitely very family-friendly. And I know you touched on the restaurants already, but I love the restaurants tonight. So I think a really good job. And I dare say that they compete with Dustin fairly well. I would say absolutely. I don't think you're going to see any of, like, the big names of ours like the tours, ones like the Margarita Ville, and things like that. But you are going to get some of the smaller names that are amazing food, great views, stuff like up. Yeah. They are it's just so good. They’re not even comparable. You know, you've got the chains as you said in Destin, and then you've got, like, the local eateries, you know, kind of in Niceville. And while you might get, you know, Gulf View out in Destin, you still have Bayview with, like, plenty of Bayview options in Niceville, and there are public boat ramps and jet ski ramps, like -- All over the place. -- scattered and little hidden spots That's weird. 

Alright. Now for our bonus area AJ, do you want to introduce it to us? So badly. Let's get into it. Miramar Beach is going to be our bonus area for you guys. It is beautiful. You still get a bit of tourism that you see in Destin, but it's a much different crowd. Yeah. So if you're looking for something very close to Destin, not just in proximity, but also in the style, then Miramar Beach is a great up and you've got kind of a little bit of everything there which is fun. The shopping is insane. You've got this outlet mall that has everything you can think of that you thought like, that didn't have stores anymore. The bow store was at hadn't been a bow store since or hadn't been to a bow store since I was, like, I don't know, ten or fifteen or something like that and I saw one out there and I had to walk in there and be, like, I have to see this place. And it's just as nostalgic. They still have the room with the surrounds and all the cool stuff. They’re walking into a time capsule. Yeah. It kind of was. It’s kind of, like, walking into a blockbuster and, like, well, this is kind of hard. Right? Yeah. Definitely. Something that I love about that area is that you still get some of the tourism, so it's still a great investment area, but it's almost better as a secondary home and it's more upscale. Know, so we're talking about similar prices, kind of similar field, but it's just a little bit more upscale. And a little bit newer too because Dustin is kind of like the OG, if you will, as a kid. Right? Like, it's kind of the original place, and it kind of built out from there. And that's what Miramar Beach is kind of an extension. It was, like, dust and sand dust and then slides into Miramar. So definitely some newer stuff, and you've got a wide price range of really anything that you're looking for. So whether you're looking to purchase or if you're coming down here to vacation or something, you’re going to see all sorts of different options for you. And not to mention, the beautiful beaches are the same as Destin. Absolutely. The beaches are beautiful out there. So those are our top spots for you guys if you're looking to live near Destin, but not wanting to be in the heart of everything, so you've got a short commute. 

Quick question for anybody that stuck around. We do love hearing this stuff from you guys. When was the last time you were in Destin if you have ever visited? Tell us all about it. I guess we'll see you guys next week. 

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