10 Things NOT to do for a Smooth Loan Process

Dated: January 28 2020

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Ensuring a smooth home loan process will help reduce stress and make sure that you get to your ultimate goal - HOMEOWNERSHIP!

Now you can google the phrase "things not to do to get a loan" and you will get about a thousand tips. These 10 tips are just the most common ones we see in our market area. Our hope is that this video prevents one family from trying to purchase their dream home and the entire process halted and causing a lot of headache. 

Of course getting to this step is already daunting enough becuase you already have to navigate finding a Realtor, obtaining mortgage approval, finding the right home, getting it under contract, getting through the inspection phase and hope that through all of that the loan process is going well. 

Just when things calm down throughout the process is typically when most home buyers will make one of these grave mistakes. One of my personal favorites that I have seen is buying furniture. Kristen and Jenn both discuss this in the video above but what really happens is we get excited that we are finally going to have enough space for all of our stuff. Then we go out and find bigger furniture to fit into the new home. We swipe our card being nonethewiser and boom, your Loan Officer calls with steam coming out of their ears. Lucky for you that you can't see them but you can surely hear it in their voice. 

Let's stop this little mistake and just note that all in all, if you are in escrow, you should talk to your Lender and Realtor (for safe measure) before spending any money that you wouldn't already. 

That sums up several of the tips from the video but be sure to watch the entire video to make sure you aren't missing something. 

As always, if you have any questions at all regarding anything Real Estate or in the Real Estate space, give us a call at 850-543-2260 or email us at andrew.iremonger@gmail.com.

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